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Big data

Competitive advantages thanks to vast volumes of data

Your success is determined by your database

Every movement of stock, every process step in manufacturing, every access to an app, every POS transaction and every metre driven by a car produces immense volumes of data. With the progressive digitalisation of all commercial and technical processes comes the growing challenge of analysing large volumes of data effectively and efficiently. Techniques such as massive parallel processing (MPP) and the use of the Hadoop framework permit the real-time analysis of heterogeneous data. For customers and for internal tasks, plusserver operates data lakes, MPP and Hadoop solutions and combines these where it makes technical sense or is financially necessary. In all areas of data collection, extraction, integration, analysis and visualisation, plusserver has certified experts with years of experience gained from a whole host of projects.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Large volumes of data, processing power and analytical algorithms: These prerequisites for artificial intelligence are often already met by the companies of today. All that is needed is to combine them to create a smart solution for fully automated, autonomous and self-learning processes.

In recent years we have witnessed an increasing and more diverse range of applications for artificial intelligence: from language assistants, purchase recommendations in web shops and fraud detection to news bots and self-driving systems in cars. The reason for the AI breakthrough lies in the technological advances of the latter and in the digital transformation of businesses. The important building blocks of AI include an extensive database, intelligent algorithms for analysing the data and the almost infinite processing capacities made available by the cloud. Implemented properly, AI provides a fresh approach to automated, self-optimising processes.

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Analysing data to create smarter processes

With structures becoming more and more digitalised, company data volumes are increasing year on year. This data forms the foundation for the artificial intelligence you will use to make your decisions and automate your processes. For all this to function smoothly, however, your company needs to have sufficient resources to enable this data to be analysed according to certain patterns or to enable analyses of relevant information sets and the relationship between them. This is based on processes for powerful business intelligence, which in itself creates specific challenges for IT infrastructure. plusserver provides companies with innovative services to support their artificial intelligence as well as the compatible and powerful IT components that this requires.