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plusserver - Your Managed Cloud Service Provider

E-commerce cloud hosting

€ per month

Improved performance for your online shop

  • Flexibly scalable
  • Supports popular e-commerce platforms
  • German 24/7 support

E-commerce hosting for your shop system

Online shops are increasingly replacing the real shopping trip. That is why an optimal customer experience is the be-all and end-all for success in e-commerce. We help you transform your customers’ time in your online shop into a genuine shopping experience. This is because we not only ensure that your shop in the cloud offers the right performance at all times, but we also free you up from the burden of tedious IT tasks.

It all starts with your optimal e-commerce hosting in the cloud. Every setup includes selected services to strike the ideal balance between performance and cost optimisation for you. A wide range of managed public cloud services rounds off your package. We will support you by offering tailored advice and implementation services through our cloud architects, as well as by monitoring your setup and proactively troubleshooting in the event of any issues.

Higher performance through cloud hosting

  • Grows with your requirements
  • You pay only for what you use
  • 99.99 % guaranteed availability
  • A 60-min response time in case of malfunctions

Suitable for your shop solution

  • Magento
  • Shopware

E-commerce cloud to suit your needs

With our e-commerce cloud, you will benefit from the very best performance at all times – precisely tailored to your project. Optimally dimensioned for the requirements of your shop system. Scalable at any time when the number of visitors increases.

Professional hosting for your shop system from EUR 299/month

Minimal e-commerce setup

Basic protection thanks to an integrated firewall

Optional database service

Backup included

99.99% availability through SLA

24/7 telephone support (response time 60 min) through SLA

GDPR-compliant data storage in Germany

TÜV-certified data centres (ISO 27001, PCI DSS)

Traffic + easy upgrade for Black Friday, Christmas etc. on demand

Price: from EUR 299/month

Expand your e-commerce setup as needed

E-commerce setup

Ideal for Magento or Shopware

Load balancing ensures top performance

Reliability thanks to redundancies

Basic protection thanks to an integrated firewall

Central database service

Backup included

GDPR-compliant data storage in Germany

TÜV-certified data centres (ISO 27001, PCI DSS)

Generous traffic package included + easy upgrade for Black Friday, Christmas etc.

E-commerce solutions as opposed to run-of-the-mill web hosting

It pays not to think too small when planning your own e-commerce solution. A simple shop is quickly created with a web hosting setup kit. But only by relying on the cloud can you ensure long-term performance and remain flexible when it comes to welcoming future growth. Even short-term and unexpected load peaks present no issue, because the setup can be adapted at any time. In place of an ordinary and uninspiring shop, run your modern shop system – such as Magento or Shopware – easily in the cloud and ensure a perfect user experience thanks to a variety of features.

We will be happy to advise you – fairly and independently, and with cost and performance always in mind!

Scalability for peak loads




We will be happy to advise you – fairly and independently, and with cost and performance always in mind!

Why do I need scalability in e-commerce? When it comes to Black Friday and the like, victory comes to those who are prepared.

Whitepaper: Peak loads in E-Commerce

Not least because of the current pandemic, online trade is taking on a whole new level of relevance. Find out how a flexible Cloud can support high loads in this whitepaper.

Thirty per cent of Germany’s top 100 shops place their trust in plusserver

Saitow AG

Optimised cloud hosting for your shop system

We optimise your e-commerce cloud hosting setup to make it a perfect fit for your shop system – such as Magento, OXID or Shopware – by knowing and taking into account the special features of the respective applications. This is how we achieve the best performance for your e-commerce, perfectly in line with your requirements.


plusserver develops the right Magento hosting infrastructure to meet your specific requirements and specifications. Since 2008, we have been managing more than 100 large shops and clusters based on the Magento Community and Magento Enterprise editions – experience we leverage to ensure the success of your project.

Magento’s hunger for resources means that we need to optimise the server system accordingly. This in particular concerns all server system settings, the implementation of various caching/proxy solutions and the use of relevant Magento extensions.

With the hosting site, there are virtually no limits to the growth of your Magento shop solution, which means you can, for example, start with a small stand-alone system and expand this to a high-availability or load balancing cluster as required.


With over 18,000 customers, Shopware is one of the most widely used online shop solutions on the German market. As an official Shopware technology partner, we don’t just limit our e-commerce solutions to the operation of highly available data centre infrastructures and provision of powerful server hardware, incl. management,

Rather we also focus on managing the relevant shop application, leveraging our many years’ experience in the hosting of powerful Shopware solutions to develop the appropriate server architecture.

Prior to the go-live, we conduct extensive performance tests, in consultation with the customer, and then optimise the performance in co-operation with the customer or its agency. Tailored, application-specific monitoring rounds off our services.

Tested and certified data centres


Cloud platforms for your shop


pluscloud / pluscloud open

  • GDPR-compliant in German data centres
  • Cost-efficient thanks to granular scalability
  • Automatic backups and monitoring

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Amazon Web Services

  • The cloud of the e-commerce giant
  • Autoscaling for peak loads
  • Global locations

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Google Cloud Platform

  • Tried-and-tested Google technology
  • Global locations
  • Optimal for data-driven e-commerce

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