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E-commerce hosting study

E-commerce hosting study

Download the study from Crisp Research and find out how e-commerce companies can effectively meet ever-growing customer requirements as well as the new technology and market trends.

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Hosting solutions for your shop system

Your customers expect short loading times, attractive product presentation, mobile-friendly websites and secure payment. As a leading provider of managed e-commerce services, we are your expert partner from the first idea through to the finished online shop.

We have many years of experience in the Managed Hosting of the online shop systems of Intershop, Magento, Shopware, Oxid and Hybris. This is why our solutions for the e-commerce hosting of these platforms is optimised, therefore offering maximum performance and flexibility.

We would be pleased to develop an appropriate hosting solution for your individual shop platform, too, based on your requirements.

PlusServer provided us with a hosting solution that was optimised specifically for our shop system and flexibly handles all load peaks.

Dr Robert Zores, REWE Digital

We host Magento, Oxid, Shopware, Intershop and other online shop systems


Magento PlusServer develops the right Magento hosting infrastructure to meet your specific requirements and specifications. Since 2008, we have been managing more than 100 large shops and clusters based on the Magento Community and Magento Enterprise editions – experience we leverage to ensure the success of your project.

Magento’s hunger for resources means that we need to optimise the server system accordingly. This in particular concerns all server system settings, the implementation of various caching/proxy solutions and the use of relevant Magento extensions.

With the hosting site, there are virtually no limits to the growth of your Magento shop solution, which means you can, for example, start with a small stand-alone system and expand this to a high-availability or load balancing cluster as required.

Reference customers

  • babywalz
  • Bogner
  • mytheresa.com


Hosting partner OXID eSales PlusServer is an official OXID hosting partner. Managing our e-commerce solutions run by OXID consists of operating a highly available data centre infrastructure and the provision and administration of powerful server hardware.

We also focus on managing the relevant shop application, and this as early on as when designing the appropriate server architecture, for which we leverage our many years’ experience in the hosting of high-access OXID shops.

Performance tests and subsequent performance optimisation in co-operation with the relevant managing agency or customer are also a matter of course, as is tailored, application-specific monitoring.

Reference customers

  • Melitta
  • Netto


shopware technology partner With over 18,000 customers, Shopware is one of the most widely used online shop solutions on the German market. As an official Shopware technology partner, we don’t just limit our e-commerce solutions to the operation of highly available data centre infrastructures and provision of powerful server hardware, incl. management,

rather we also focus on managing the relevant shop application, leveraging our many years’ experience in the hosting of powerful Shopware solutions to develop the appropriate server architecture.

Prior to the go-live, we conduct extensive performance tests, in consultation with the customer, and then optimise the performance in co-operation with the customer or its agency. Tailored, application-specific monitoring rounds off our services.

Reference customers

  • L’Oréal


Intershop is the world’s only independent provider of enterprise solutions for omni-channel commerce. Together with Intershop, we at PlusServer provide holistic e-commerce solutions. The joint offer ranges from the implementation and administration of shop software through to design, setup and operation of the entire hosting setup.

Advantages of Intershop

  • Extensive branding possibilities
  • Internationalisation is easy
  • Omni-channel support
  • Synaptic commerce API for integration with third-party systems without development expenses
  • Intershop In-store
  • Integrated call centre solution
  • Predictive Analytics
  • SaaS E-commerce

Reference customers

  • Intersport


In addition to various standard shop applications, PlusServer also manages numerous e-commerce projects with a customised shop application. We also develop the right server solution for you based on your application needs, the relevant access figures and availability requirements.

A tailored load balancing solution from PlusServer include the following services:

  • Personal consultation in advance
  • Elaboration of a technical concept
  • Implementation and documentation of the load balancing solution
  • Customer-specific adaptation of the configuration
  • On-going support (updates, monitoring, troubleshooting)

Reference customers

  • kfzteile24
  • Zalando

30% of the top 100 e-commerce companies host with PlusServer

Such as douglas.de in an OpenStack cloud


Online shops: strong growth requires innovative operating models

From the “E-commerce hosting in the cloud age” study on the topic of online shop hosting by Crisp Research:

The e-commerce market in Germany has grown and has hit the limit of 50 billion Euro market volume in 2014. Nevertheless, the entire industry is facing a test, as the pressure on cost and innovation is forcing companies to act.

The demands placed by customers on online shops are constantly increasing, while new technology and market trends (e.g. omni-channel) mean the industry is constantly shifting, forcing companies to maintain high levels of innovation.

Leading e-commerce companies are increasingly switching to managed cloud solutions. The underlying hosting infrastructure is an important foundation for a successful and growing business. Only powerful backends can support a dynamic and attractive online shop. Companies will therefore increasingly rely on cloud computing and managed services to stay competitive with regard to infrastructure, security and applications. There will also be a change in the IT operating models.

Download the Crisp Research study free of charge to learn more about market trends in online shop hosting.

Tyre trade in the fast lane

Performance and reliability are essential for our web solutions. Because quick access to prices and availability are key to success in the tyre trade. With PlusServer, we have a partner who understands this.

Michael Saitow, Managing Director, Tyre 24 GmbH
Case Study Tyre 24

Find out how Tyre 24 moved into the fast lane with PlusServer.

Our products and platforms allow Tyre24 GmbH to benefit from the speed and validity of the internet.

Download the full case study

Your secure online shop with short loading times

Security with PCI/DSS certification

With us, you benefit from maximum security levels for your e-commerce project - with access secured TÜV-certified data centres, as well as tailored backup, storage, load balancing and firewall solutions.


Our PCI DSS certification also ensures that your customers’ sensitive credit card information is kept completely secure in our data centres.

Short loading times on fast servers

Short loading times significantly impact the conversion rate and turnover of your online shop - the average customer tolerates at most two seconds delay.

If you want to optimise your online shop with regard to loading times or need a faster connection to the database server on your web server, we will find the optimal system setup for you.