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Cloud for enterprise

Why flexible cloud resources are essential for large companies and corporations

  • Reduce IT costs
  • Secure competitive opportunities through optimised processes
  • Free up internal resources to focus on innovations

We help you to focus on the growth of your core business

Whether you offer services, work in manufacturing or in wholesale and retail – the secure networking of your international locations and simple, digital collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers are vital to the success of your company. This has meant the cloud being increasingly brought into play as the flexible infrastructure of the future.

This results in IT managers asking themselves a number of questions:

  • Which cloud is the right one for us and how will we need to adapt our applications to it?
  • How can cloud solutions be efficiently woven into our existing systems and applications to optimise performance and costs?
  • How can our IT department be freed up through consulting and managed services so they can focus on business applications?

We help you to answer these questions and offer you a comprehensive service throughout your cloud journey.

As a managed cloud service provider with many years of expertise, we are the right partner for medium-sized companies and large enterprises that want to modernize their IT and take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization. We would be happy to advise you personally. Oliver Mauss, CEO

6 arguments for using the cloud in corporations and large companies


Global cooperation

Cloud-based technologies help you to communicate and collaborate efficiently and securely across all locations, as well as with your suppliers and customers around the world. To help with this, we provide things such as secure VPN connections and CDN services.


Large volumes of data

The switch over to digital processes also constantly increases the amount of data within a company. This data must be saved and processed. We support you with flexible on-demand resources that provide you with the necessary capacity at all times. You can also get turnkey big data and business intelligence solutions entirely from the public cloud.


Constant performance

The cloud helps to avoid overloaded servers and unplanned downtime or data loss. Use helpful extensions to your infrastructure in the cloud, rely on cloud-based technologies for predictive maintenance and benefit from the high level of data security in cloud data centres.


Automated processes

The rationalisation of processes can have crucial advantages in many areas of a corporation. As many digitised processes depend on software applications these days, the automation of software development can provide competitive advantages through an accelerated time-to-market. We can support you with products such as our pluscontainer solutions in combination with the establishment of DevOps processes.


Reduced costs

The more digitally positioned a company is, the higher its need for IT infrastructure. The cloud offers a good alternative to operating your own data centre so costs do not spiral out of control. This is because all services are obtained as required and billed according to usage. This also eliminates the costs for the procurement and maintenance of the infrastructure.


Better focus

The increasing complexity of your infrastructures also places higher demands on IT teams. However, cloud expertise across a number of providers is still a rare commodity, even in large companies. Added to this are the new security measures that increasing networking entails. At the same time, your employees are usually already busy dealing with your core applications. External cloud expertise helps to unburden your IT department and gives them time to work on your central applications.

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