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Hybrid Cloud solutions for industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 business study

The Internet of Things and resulting Industry 4.0 provide huge potential for companies - as well as challenges for IT. Find out how the mid-sized sector can master digitalisation without high IT investment in this exclusive business study.

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Design your processes to be more efficient and more cost-effective

Do youwant to make good use of the opportunities offered by digitisation and make your value chain more efficient. You hope to make your products smarter, offering your customers new benefits and ways of interacting. At the same time, you attach great importance to security where storing and processing your customers’ data is concerned.

We will support you with hybrid solutions that are tailored precisely to your requirements - from your company to the cloud. Hosted in Germany for optimum security and data protection.

Our advantages for Industry 4.0

  • Integrated solutions for Industry 4.0
  • Comprehensive digitisation consulting
  • Hybrid infrastructures, from “on premises” to the cloud
  • Scalable solutions for big data scenarios
  • Partner network of IoT specialists

Why choose PlusServer for Industry 4.0

Internal infrastructure reaches its limits

As a result of the networking of all devices and the constant exchange of data as part of Industry 4.0, the requirements on IT infrastructure are increasing. Managed Hosting solutions are a useful addition, even if you continue to use your internal IT, for example, to control your production processes.

A simple example: you produce a flower pot which, as a smart object, constantly measures the nutrient and water level in the soil and sends this information to a database which stores the ideal values for all conceivable plants. The owner then sees the information on their smartphone and finds out whether they need to fertilise the plant more or water it less. In this example, you would keep using your IT infrastructure for the pot production. However, the database, which provides the necessary information on the internet in real time, would be located in our computer centre.

By outsourcing IT to PlusServer, you benefit from a virtually unlimited amount of possible server, storage and network resources, as well as the right management and service level for your needs.

Industry 4.0 whitepaper

Hybrid IT infrastructures for Industry 4.0

For SMEs, Industry 4.0 represents an exciting opportunity to make the value added chain more efficient and to reduce production costs. By moving some IT resources to external vendors, you have access to powerful and cost-effective infrastructures. Read more about hybrid IT infrastructures for SMEs.

Hybrid solutions whitepaper []

More than 20 years of experience

More than 20 years of experience

Nothing is as educational as practice. We have gained a profound level of experience through numerous complex infrastructure projects for SMEs, large companies and globally active corporations. We also understand the needs of medium-sized companies and which IT solutions are the best choice for Industry 4.0. So you are optimally equipped when digitalisation involves large amounts of data.

Connection / data centres

Connection / data centres

Our core backbone connects the PlusServer data centres to the internet with over 250 Gbit/s uplink capacity. With direct connections to important hubs as well as numerous carriers, it is one of the most powerful backbones in Europe with the lowest latencies and a network availability of 99.99%. Certification in accordance with ISO 27001 and PCI DSS from TÜV Süd confirm that our PlusServer data centres meet the highest data protection requirements.

Flexible Managed Cloud Hosting

Flexible Managed Cloud Hosting

No revolution happens overnight. That’s why digitalisation in your company is probably taking place step by step. In this case, a cloud solution is the perfect choice. Because this is scalable at any time and can be ideally combined with your internal or dedicated infrastructure. So you can create an agile Hybrid Cloud environment that allows you to swap over to virtual resources during peak loads, while you still enjoy full security and control.

Personal consulting and tailored solutions

Personal consulting and tailored solutions

Each company is unique, so we offer you a Managed Hosting solution which is precisely tailored to your needs. To develop this, we provide you with a personal Project Manager who, together with the project team and in close collaboration with you, analyses the current situation, designs the appropriate infrastructure and then coordinates the implementation. So you can get on and concentrate on your core business.