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Internet of Things in the Cloud

The IoT is already in use in many companies and provides them with added value. Production and logistics companies are already benefitting from this, and many other industries will change over the coming years as a result of the networking of machines and goods. The Internet of Things can save companies money and open up new areas of business. Thanks to the IoT, companies can increase their own value added and, for example, offer new services such as remote maintenance. Other companies can use IoT systems to measure and optimise internal processes in detail.

In order to make full use of Industry 4.0 and the advancing networking in other industries, we need to be able to evaluate information from numerous machines, plants and systems for production planning as well as ERP applications in a matter of seconds and react immediately. This is only possible when you have reliable infrastructure. With exclusively German Cloud locations, the pluscloud is the ideal solution for companies that value not only performance, service and reliability, but also data protection and security.


More sales with the powerful IoT

The IoT makes it possible to make processes and their practical implementation visible and measurable. Only with this transparency can they be optimised: utilising machines efficiently, preventing downtimes in production, and optimising the supply chain and logistics. Digital images of real processes make it possible to test changes to processes with the help of simulations without hindering real operation with these tests. Automated tracking of production makes things such as one-off production and small batches possible.

The technical infrastructure is particularly crucial because this is where the data is collected, processed and interpreted. This level is not only important for the systems to function reliably; the server infrastructure is essential for data protection and the security of highly sensitive data and applications.

The IoT requires a solid core


The first level are the sensors, measuring systems and connectivity. These record what is happening: where are the goods now, what is the condition of the machine, when and where was a delivery scanned? What is the inventory level of a certain component? This is the basis that feeds the IoT system.


The second layer is particularly important because the data is collected, stored, processed and interpreted in the central­computing infrastructure. Large parts of the applications also run on this infra­structure. This level is not only important for the systems to function reliably; this is also the focus for data protection and the security of highly sensitive data and applications.


The application then ensures that the abstract data is turned into processes that can be depicted in a structured way and helpful tools. Complex applications that process large volumes of data­re­qu­ire powerful, reliable IT resources. These are available in the pluscloud in a highly secure and scalable manner.


Your turnkey IoT cloud platform

High-performance IoT platforms in the Cloud form the basis for fast and successful digitalisation in the industrial sector. With sphinx open online on pluscloud, you get a complete, Cloud-based IoT solution to monitor and optimise your processes. Benefit from efficient data analyses, automatic actions and flexibly scalable Cloud infrastructure.

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IoT in the pluscloud: benefits to you

Lower costs

Lower costs

With the pluscloud you always get the right infrastructure for your IoT applications. Because the pluscloud grows along with your requirements. This saves companies high investment costs for their own hardware. Do not tie up capital in hardware that depreciates in value, and only pay for what you need for your requirements.

Full compliance

Full compliance

IoT systems process sensitive data from the heart of your business processes. This harbours risks: security holes and legal violations could have serious consequences here. With the pluscloud, you process and save all data in a GDPR-compliant, secure and local way.

Service and support

Service and support

The pluscloud relieves your company’s IT department, as it is no longer your responsibility to set up and operate the IoT backend. The personal support from plusserver and the close collaboration with our IoT partner gives you ready to use, individually configured solutions.