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sphinx open online
on pluscloud

Your efficient IoT platform in the secure European Cloud

  • IoT Cloud service for Industry 4.0
  • Data analysis and automatic actions
  • Scalable infrastructure with no expense for operation
sphinx open online

The turnkey IoT Cloud solution

sphinx open online on the pluscloud is a holistic solution that allows you to collect, link, analyse and visualise your valuable device data. You can use this straight “out of the box” in the data sovereign pluscloud in Germany. You don’t have to worry about setting up or operating your IoT application in the Cloud.

Simply create your customised dashboard to keep an eye on all data such as temperature, pressure or consumption at all times. In addition, sphinx open online offers numerous tools for evaluating the data and triggering actions. This allows you to increase the efficiency and availability of your plants and processes, and save costs in the long-term through the use of predictive maintenance. With different versions, we offer you the opportunity to choose the right IoT Cloud solution for your application.

GFT and plusserver: our combined expertise

High-performance IoT platforms in the Cloud form the basis for successful digitalisation in the industrial sector and many others. In order to be able to offer our customers the optimal IoT Cloud solution, we have brought the ideal partner on board – GFT and their solution, sphinx open online. Our customers can benefit from our combined software and Cloud expertise for optimised processes and costs.


Efficient IoT in the Cloud with digital twins

Current system structure and status

Merging of information from different sources

Targeted information and better decisions

Documentation and further processing

Intelligent services

Digital twins

Use of plans and forecasts

Early detection of problems and quick intervention options

Integrated, rule-based and automated processes

Data analysis and value charts

Optimised costs, product and service quality

With sphinx online open and the flexible pluscloud, you ensure the best possible support in the integration, visualisation and optimisation of your business processes and models. The “model in the middle” integrated data model forms the basis for the automated control of your production or logistics chain. It is based on digital twins – digital images that consist of structure information and user data from their real twins. Based on this, the system can make autonomous decisions and trigger the correct actions.


Numerous interfaces and adapters

Connection with ERP

Use of ML models

sphinx open online

Support for standard industry protocols

Optimisation of plants and processes

Control of production/energy management

Early detection of critical events

Do you have any questions?

With sphinx open online on pluscloud, you receive an advanced IoT Cloud solution that will allow you to take your digitalisation and Industry 4.0 applications to a new level. We would be happy to advise you and introduce you to all the functions in detail. Rebecca Kennedy, New Business Consultant

Let us advise you personally

sphinx open online on pluscloud: benefits to you

No need to program your own dashboard (cost saving of 50 to 90 per cent).

Multiple accelerations in design and plant changes.

Shorter innovation cycles with better maintainability

Prototyping parallel to the real application without downtime

Scalable, secure, robust and proven in the long-term.

Changes and adjustments possible while the system is running.

Cloud-based solution enables access from anywhere with any device able to connect to the internet.

Easy transition: staging to runtime environment.

New tools are just as easy to integrate as existing systems and applications.

Information is presented in the level of detail required by the role.

You can design the user interface and adapt it to suit your corporate design.

sphinx open online supports standard industry protocols such as ZigBee, OPC UA, BACNET, MODBUS, Honeywell WINMAG.

Use of modern container technologies

Dedicated resources for applications and data

Operation on a highly available and scalable Kubernetes platform

GDPR-compliant data storage and processing in the European pluscloud.

Secure connections between the pluscloud and your locations.

Data centres certified according to ISO 27001.

Provision of the complete application in the pluscloud.

Reliable operation of the infrastructure including monitoring and patching.

24/7 German-speaking tech support.

Guaranteed availability (SLA).

Personal consulting, e.g. on useful extensions with the help of the multi-cloud platform plus.io – your complete tool stack for future-proof IT solutions.

More about plus.io

Who is sphinx open online on pluscloud suitable for?

Our Cloud IoT service is suitable for all industries that want to benefit from networked systems, devices, vehicles, plants or locations. For example:


You can turn your production facility into a smart factory even faster using turnkey IoT solutions in the Cloud (SaaS). Always keep an eye on the raw materials, machines and spare parts, and react immediately to current events. Ensure optimised production processes, higher machine availability and improve intralogistics.

Energy & suppliers

Smart grids and the corresponding intelligent measuring systems – smart meters – define the energy sector these days. With the help of efficient IoT systems in the Cloud, you can advance digitalisation in the energy sector step-by-step. So you can achieve, for example, optimised network utilisation and greater demand flexibility.