IT Outsourcing with full service from a single source

Outsourcing whitepaper

Outsourcing whitepaper

Why external solutions often work better than your own in-house IT infrastructure: cost, time, performance and security advantages.

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Solutions for your business requirements

You understand your business requirements best, so we create tailored Managed Hosting solutions in line with your wishes and together with you. So you benefit from our know-how and are always in a position to quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

Ensure the operation and support of your IT with professional full service from a single source and reduce your infrastructure costs - both in scaling in the procurement of hardware and the reduction of electricity costs when operating your resources. All this is, of course, done under strict adherence of your IT guidelines.

  • Use the IT infrastructure of the provider (air conditioning, emergency power, connection)
  • Concentrate on your own core business
  • Use provider know-how
  • Strict adherence of IT guidelines
  • Benefit from scale effects

Out IT outsourcing solution for DB Systel

Our customers expect us to deliver highly reliable and efficient solutions, ranging from technical analysis, strategic planning and development to operation and subsequent optimisation. It is important that all links of the chain meet this requirement. We decided to work with PlusServer as the company has extensive experience in complex IT solutions that are nevertheless scalable at any time.

Heiko Findeisen, Head of Composite Services, DB Systel GmbH

DB Systel GmbH, with around 3,100 employees, is one of the leading ICT solutions providers in Germany. As a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, it is responsible for the entire lifecycle of all IT and telecommunications solutions of the group.
DB Systel GmbH is, however, also in demand in areas such as data centre operation and process management, even outside its core market, the Deutsche Bahn companies.

To meet increasing requirements in the future at a high level and at the same time be cost-efficient, DB Systel GmbH was looking for a reliable technology partner in the field of data centre services as part of a European tender in 2009.
In the course of this tender, DB Systel GmbH decided to partner with PlusServer. We are now mapping out entire DB Systel product areas on physical VMware platforms and on virtual servers.

The virtual servers are operated on a VMware platform dedicated to DB Systel. Here, we configure different features of the virtual machines in terms of performance and security zones.
Regular service meetings between DB Systel and our sales and consulting team are held to monitor quality assurance.

Downtime Cost Calculator

Higher availability through IT outsourcing

From multiple redundant infrastructures to business continuity and disaster recovery solutions - with IT outsourcing you benefit from a higher up-time of your online services. Downtimes can quickly become expensive.

With our easy to use downtime calculator you can simulate what costs your company may encounter during a downtime.

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