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plusserver - Your Managed Cloud Service Provider

Information and entertainment on all digital channels

  • Reliable availability
  • Short loading times and CDN solutions
  • High scalability, including through Kubernetes

We bring media and entertainment to the cloud

Your customers demand top-quality digital content. Whether it’s clear audio files with high bitrates, video streaming in HD or handling requests at peak times. You demand just as much from your infrastructure – primarily high performance, scalability and reliability.

With our plus.io multi-cloud platform, you get all the components you need to create an infrastructure that will meet all of your requirements. Use our in-depth expertise in web-facing workloads and get your media content to your users reliably and quickly. You can rely on the high level of data security and protection in our certified data centres in Germany and achieve reliable, fail-safe performance thanks to geo-redundancy.

Our advantages for Media & Entertainment

  • High bandwidth and direct carrier connection
  • Server relief due to globally distributed CDN nodes
  • Protection via DDoS mitigation
  • High-performance infrastructure for the best results

Let us advise you personally

We would be happy to support you with your digital challenges



Constant availability is crucial for digital business models such as online platforms. We help you to face this challenge by ensuring that our cloud data centres and all systems and networks always work flawlessly. Our business SLAs even give you a binding guarantee of this very high level of availability. Multi-location concepts, geo-redundant solutions and disaster recovery solutions provide additional protection on request.



When dealing with digital offers and particularly with multimedia content, a classic infrastructure can quickly reach its performance limit. With unlimited scalable performance from the pluscloud, you ensure a smooth customer experience. We can also support you with pluscontainer – our Managed Kubernetes offer – if you wish to optimise your development and implement DevOps concepts.



Your customers want to consume your media and entertainment content without long waiting and loading times. We support you with a setup optimised to suit your use case, so that your infrastructure supports the full performance capability of your applications. Together with our partner Akamai, we also offer you the option of using a global CDN solution (Content Delivery Network) in order to keep your content as close to your customers as possible, which in turn reduces loading times.



Many providers of streaming and media portals already use containers and microservices to provide their services as efficiently as possible. The agility of container technology allows them to react very flexibly to highly volatile access numbers. In addition, companies can accelerate the development and provision of new features using containers and DevOps. With Managed Kubernetes in the pluscloud, you can also quickly and easily benefit from greater agility.

Case Study 1. FC Köln App

Learn how plusserver implemented a AWS cloud solution on a autoscaling basis tailored for the needs of the 1. FC Köln app. Thus the club can react flexibly to peak loads.

Download the case study [214.73 KB]

Our products for the media sector



Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in certified German data centres – you benefit from the stable and secure pluscloud.

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AWS Cloud

plusserver is an AWS Consulting Partner and provides Managed Cloud solutions for the comprehensive Amazon Web Services ecosystem.

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We support you exactly where you need us. With different management levels for your tailor-made managed services.

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