Top quality media & streaming

When it comes to our hosting providers we attach great importance to a fast connection as well as hardware and networks with high availability. We do not want to make our small users wait a long time to see their desired content.

Christoph Weber, Head of Application Development & Internet Technology

Your customers experience the best quality

Your customers demand top quality digital content. Smooth video streaming in HD, clear audio files with high bitrates and handling requests at busy times means that your infrastructure has to have a lot of capability - particularly, fail-safe protection and performance. We can develop a customised hosting solution that will get your media content to your users reliably and quickly.

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Virtual Reality: time-saving encoding and HD live streaming

For our customer, Headtrip, PlusServer developed a Managed Hosting solution that allows high resolution videos to be converted quickly and then streamed to 48,000 viewers.

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Intel® Xeon® processor logo

Reliable performance:
Intel® Xeon® processors

High performance

  • Up to 47% faster
  • 27% average performance increase in all important industry standard workloads and applications
  • Improved virtualisation

Increased key security

  • Integrated random number generator for creating security keys
  • Random bit generator for software-based solutions
  • High-quality keys for improved security

Trust and security

  • Up to 70% improved performance per core on key encryption algorithms
  • Improved key generation
  • Protection against malware

Content Delivery Network for fast delivery

Get your media content to your customers via a CDN that is close to them and take the performance pressure off your servers. We cooperate with two strong partners who store their content at globally distributed nodes - Akamai and Level 3. This allows content to be delivered very quickly and means you use less bandwidth, which also reduces your costs.

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Excellent network connectivity

Our multi-redundant backbone with 250 Gbit/s bandwidth and direct connection to important European junctions ensures that your applications are always available and accessible. Depending on your unique needs, we focus on high bandwidth or low latencies, e.g. for interactive streaming.

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Managed Cluster Services for high availability

With Managed Cluster Services, you and your users can benefit from up to 99.99% guaranteed availability by allowing a remaining server to immediately and automatically perform all services in the event of a failure.

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Load balancers for distributed demand

Do you have the next viral video or chart topper? We distribute the demand load to different servers using a load balancer to ensure your infrastructure does not stutter, even in case of extreme load peaks.

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