Gaming server with high performance and low latencies

Solutions for fantastic gaming worlds

In order for your players to become winners, low latencies, sufficient bandwidths and high server computing power are absolute prerequisites. This allows digital alter egos to be controlled almost in real-time in graphically complex worlds. Our hosting solutions are ideal for gaming providers whose games need to be available to thousands of players simultaneously and at all times.

Sufficient bandwidth and excellent network connectivity

With your choice of traffic options from 100 Mbit/s, 1 Gbit/s or 10 Gbit/s bandwidths, you can reliably achieve even the most complex graphics and audio content in HD quality. The excellent network connection to important European junctions ensures a smooth playing experience.

Low latencies

Low latencies are particularly important in games where fast reactions make the difference between success and failure. Our network infrastructure guarantees minimal response times so your users do not become frustrated.

Powerful dedicated servers

Complex online games with possibly thousands of players playing at once require enormous server computing power. To make sure this does not end up in killjoy bottlenecks, we offer you reliable performance at a fair price. And if you need more performance for a short period, we provide this quickly and easily.