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Case study: R+V Versicherung

Case study: R+V Versicherung

From a sponsoring project to various web applications: we implemented a flexibly scalable virtualised infrastructure for R+V - hosted in Germany with the strictest data protection.

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Hosting expertise for the Public and Healthcare sectors

The best protection for sensitive data

The public and healthcare sectors are increasingly becoming digital, highly-networked industries. However, it is precisely these facilities that deal with extremely sensitive data, and that are required to reconcile their networking with reliable data protection.

As your hosting partner, we provide you with the highest data security and compliance with German laws. This is ensured by our data centres - which are certified according to the TÜV - as well as our company headquarters in Germany.

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Our advantages for Public & Health

  • Guaranteed German data protection
  • Certification of information security according to ISO 27001
  • Protection against cybercrime
  • Hybrid solutions from internal and external infrastructure
  • 24/7 support and management
  • Encrypted storage solutions

Public & Health success story

Federal Gazette

Secure publication in the Federal Gazette

The Federal Gazette is a body of the German federal authorities and is published by the Federal Ministry of Justice. The Federal Gazette publishes of court notices, commercial register entries, financial statements etc.

In addition to the printed Federal Gazette (BAnz), the electronic Federal Gazette (eBAnz) has been available on the Internet since 2002 as an independent official announcement and notification body. PlusServer provides the infrastructure for this medium and also supervises development and maintenance of the software solution used.


  • VMware vSphere ESXi host systems
  • Dedicated storage system
  • Redundant Juniper switch infrastructure
  • Firewall solution
  • Combination of various free software products (Apache, Tomcat, PostgreSQL)
  • Custom developed PlusServer software

With the solution provided, we meet high standards of security and privacy. In addition, the Federal Gazette remains independent of vendors and licences, due to free software. It can also react flexibly to changing legal requirements, due to custom software we developed in-house.

Our products for Public & Health

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

The flexibility of cloud resources coupled with high performance and security - a Private Cloud is ideal for demanding compliance requirements.

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Business Backup

Business Backup

Our Business Backup offers you an efficient backup concept for valuable data. Make copies of your data at regular intervals.

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DDoS protection

DDoS protection

Public entities and the healthcare sector are frequent targets of DDoS attacks, leading to web-based service failures.

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