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Whitepaper vCloud

Whitepaper VMware vCloud

Die einfache und wirtschaftliche Lösung zur Datenrettung: Disaster Recovery as a Service mit VMware vCloud

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Infrastructure as a service with the VMware Cloud platform

VMware, the world's leading provider of cloud infrastructure and business mobility, accelerates the digital transformation of your enterprise through a software-defined approach. With VMware solutions, you can create a first-class user experience.

This is ensured by a holistic approach to mobility, a faster response to market opportunities through the hybrid cloud, and the strengthening of customer confidence through effective protection against cyber threats.

VMware technologies in our Public and Private Cloud

    • Public Cloud
    • Logo VMware vCloud Director
    • VMware vCloud Director based on vSphere for our Business Cloud
      Also available as Hybrid Cloud setup
    • Business Cloud is the public cloud alternative of PlusServer. The hypervisor from VMware is also used. However, the VMware vCloud Director is used for orchestration. The management of the cloud infrastructure is thereby even more reliable.

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    • Private Cloud
    • Logo VMware vSphere
    • VMware vSphere with vCenter extension for our Private Cloud solutions
      Also available as Hybrid Cloud setup
    • Each Private Cloud customer gains access to a shared vCenter that is administered by PlusServer. If higher compliance is required, we will gladly provide you with a dedicated vCenter.

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Hybrid Cloud whitepaper

By using hybrid cloud architectures, companies utilise the best of all IT worlds. Find out why and how the mid-sized sector can benefit from using the Hybrid Cloud.

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Overview of Vmware products

Public Cloud

Private Cloud


Shared virtual infrastructure

Dedicated customised, virtual infrastructure

Physical hardware

Shared use



VMware vSphere, vCenter + vCloud Director

VMware vSphere + vCenter

Ideal for ...

Usage-based billing, Scale-out scenarios, Testing-Dev

Sensitive, company-critical processes, performance with flexibility

Granular scalability

Usage-based billing



High performance

Serrver located in Germany

Foreseeable costs

24x7x365 support

Business Continuity mit VMware vCloud Availability Solutions

Naturkatastrophen und Cybercrime stellen eine permanente Bedrohung für den Geschäftsbetrieb und vertrauliche Kundendaten dar. Auf der Agenda jedes CTOs stehen daher der Schutz von IT-Ressourcen, die Gewährleistung einer optimalen Verfügbarkeit sowie ein Notfallplan für die Wiederherstellung ganz oben. Dank einfachen und wirtschaftlichen cloudbasierten DRaaS-Lösungen (Disaster Recovery as a Service) sind diese Ziele nun jedoch leicht zu erfüllen.

Für Angebote aus der Cloud wie DRaaS mit VMware vCloud sprechen die wesentlich geringeren Kosten im Vergleich zum Unterhalt von Backup-Rechenzentren sowie die Möglichkeit, die angebotenen Services flexibel nach Bedarf zu nutzen.

Wichtigste Highlights

  • Enterprise-Grade DRaaS
  • Business Continuity
  • Latenzoptimierung von Instanzen
  • Einfache Usability
  • Gewohnte Administrierbarkeit

Virtualisierte Plattform von PlusServer

  • Maßgeschneiderte Cloudplattform
  • Individuelle zugrundeliegende Storagelösung
  • Fully-Managed-Framework
  • Designprozess in Abstimmung mit dem Kunden
  • 24/7 Operations, Backup, Monitoring, Updates
  • Reaktionszeit weniger als 30 Minuten
  • Hardwaretausch innerhalb von 4 Stunden
  • Garantierte Verfügbarkeit von 99,99 %

Reasons for VMware

The cloud cannot be exploited with hyperscalers alone. You will be given access to your own resources when you register a VMware product and, with the Private Cloud, even your own dedicated resources. Thus, you can choose between different management levels.

No matter which solution you choose, our VMware certified system engineers (VMware Certified Professionals) provide 24/7 physical hardware support, ensuring maximum availability.

  • Expertise
    PlusServer is one of the largest VMware solution providers in the European market and has been successfully using VMware products for more than ten years. Based on this expertise, our VMware Certified Professionals will help you design, deploy, and operate your environment.
  • Presales and Architecture
    System design and consulting in the pre-sales phase is particularly important to us. Therefore these services are included in PlusServer. In this way, you end up with the perfect solution for your needs.
  • SLA
    All VMware solutions are always available with the highest premium features supported by VMware. This allows us to always provide you with an advantageous service level agreement.
  • Flexibility
    Would you like to purchase the solution from PlusServer, but you have the appropriate know-how in the company and don’t want to lose your independence? No problem, because we can offer every management and operating model
  • Security
    Whether it's data protection or access security for your IT solution, we always take your security requirements into account, even in cloud environments, so you always have the feeling of having a single-tenant environment with dedicated network, computer functions, and storage hardware.
  • Licensing
    With PlusServer you always get the licenses you need to establish a successful private cloud. Through the Business Cloud, we even provide you with the enterprise functions of the VMware programme.
  • Integration
    If you already have a dedicated environment as a managed hosting platform at PlusServer and would like to integrate your VMware solution, we would be happy to do this for you. We integrate both environments into the same Ethernet segments, so you can benefit from seamless integration of your IT resources.

Case Study Koelnmesse

Case Study Koelnmesse

Read in our case study how Koelnmesse GmbH changed over from a purely dedicated environment to a more economic Managed Cloud. Here, load peaks are flexibly transferred to virtual resources at specific times. All services remain accessible at all times.

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The following features are available with PlusServer through VMware Enterprise Plus licensing (extract):

  • vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi)
  • vSphere Storage Thin Provisioning
  • vSphere Update Manager
  • vSphere Data Protection
  • vSphere High Availability (HA)
  • vSphere vMotion
  • vSphere vShield Endpoint
  • vSphere Replication
  • vSphere Fault Tolerance (customised planning)
  • vSphere Storage vMotion
  • vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)
  • vSphere Distributed Power Management (DPM)
  • vSphere Distributed Switch
  • vSphere Host Profiles and Auto Deploy
  • vSphere Profile-Driven Storage
  • vSphere Storage DRS
  • vSphere Storage and Network I/O Control
  • vSphere Reliable Memory
  • vSphere Big Data Extensions
  • vSphere Flash Read Cache
  • Virtual Volumes
  • Policy-Based Storage Management
  • Multi-vCenter Content Library
  • Encryption of Virtual Machines

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Our customers - successful with PlusServer

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