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Case Study Koelnmesse

Case Study Koelnmesse

Read in our case study how Koelnmesse GmbH changed over from a purely dedicated environment to a more economic Managed Cloud. Here, load peaks are flexibly transferred to virtual ­sour­resources at specific times. All services remain accessible at all times.

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Your customised Managed Cloud

The right cloud for any online project, budget and requirements. With a broad portfolio of cloud solutions in the PlusServer data centres as well as Microsoft Azure at German locations, we are able to meet your specific needs and your company’s compliance requirements.

Simply click on the products below to find out more about the individual solutions. Or call us directly and discuss which cloud solution is the best fit for your project in person.

Also available as a German cloud!
    • Public Cloud
    • The solution for usage-based billing and scale-out scenarios
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    • Private Cloud
    • The tailor-made cloud platform for individual requirements
    • More
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • The cloud solution with the best of all worlds
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    • Multi-Cloud
    • Combine your setup from different cloud infrastructures
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Cloud computing for your business

Whether for your temporary test environment, to handle peak loads or for scalability at the press of a button – our Managed Cloud is perfect for the success of your online business model. We only host your data in our data centres in Germany - close to you - or in the Microsoft Cloud with German data custodians.

Operate servers individually as virtual instances, while still utilising all the advantages of a redundant and high-performing service architecture. Additional appliances such as firewalls, load balancers, CDN or DDoS mitigation increase accessibility and security. A private connection to a dedicated infrastructure is also possible.

Use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and gain access to a huge pool of resources which allows you to flexibly react to current market situations at all times. Thanks to flexible conditions such as a short minimum term, you can add cloud servers as necessary. You only pay for the service and duration used.


Overview of the cloud models

With all cloud solutions, you can decide for yourself how PlusServer handles management – from the IaaS platform to the application level.

    • Public Cloud
    • As much as you need and exactly when you need it, the Public Cloud provides you with fast resource capacities, services and more. The cloud infrastructure is shared with other customers. Billing is based on use (pay-per-use).
    • Private Cloud
    • Secured performance, reliable security and planable costs: these are all included in the Private Cloud. You will receive a dedicated cloud infrastructure whose resources you can freely allocate. The best choice for sensitive data and high compliance requirements.
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • The Hybrid Cloud offers the best of all worlds with a mixture of stability, compliance, scalability and flexibility. A Hybrid Cloud solution is ideal for handling seasonal peaks and provides the best infrastructure for each workload.
    • Hardware Cloud
    • The Hardware Cloud provides you with unrestricted performance of dedicated hardware without the need for a hypervisor. This cloud is ideal for computer-intensive applications. Billing is based on use (pay-per-use).
    • Multi-Cloud
    • If cloud computing uses different providers, this is referred to as a Multi-Cloud solution. In contrast to the Hybrid Cloud, however, the individual resources are not centrally managed and an automatic load overflow, for example, is not possible.

    • Public Cloud
    • Technology
    • PlusServer offers you Public Cloud products based on Microsoft Azure or VMware vCloud. Elasticity, scalability and flexibility are the main focus. In addition, solutions are also possible using a German location – in the PlusServer data centres or via Microsoft Azure Germany.
    • Public Cloud
    • Private Cloud
    • Technology
    • Your Private Cloud will store your data in a PlusServer data centre in your region. This will allow you to benefit from the lowest latencies to your own servers or other resources at PlusServer. You may use either Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere as the basic technology.
    • Private Cloud
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • Technology
    • PlusServer develops hybrid setups with Private or Public Cloud resources. For example, different VMware products or dedicated resources (servers) can be used. Because all resources are integrated into the same networks, they can interact seamlessly.
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • Hardware Cloud
    • Technology
    • The PlusServer Cloud without virtualisation. You can activate one or more dedicated servers for a short period of time at the touch of a button. Your benefits: fast provision and hourly billing. This allows you to flexibly leverage the full power of dedicated hardware for computer-intensive applications.
    • Hardware Cloud
    • Multi-Cloud
    • Technology
    • The technological approach of the Multi-Cloud is similar to that of the Hybrid Cloud. They take advantage of different cloud technologies to create a multi-dimensional setup.
    • Multi Cloud

Detailed overview

Dedicated Server

Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Hardware Cloud

Multi Cloud


Customised server

Shared virtual infrastructure

Dedicated customised, virtual infrastructure

Mix of Public and Private Cloud or dedicated environment

Dedicated server environment that provides ­sour­resources via API

Mix of various Public Cloud solutions

Physical hardware




Shared and dedicated




Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud

Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, OpenStack

Depending on the chosen solution

Depending on the chosen clouds

Ideal for ...

Sensitive, company-critical processes; high performance, security and compliance requirements

Non-sensitive, user-accessible processes and unpredictable data traffic

Sensitive, company-critical processes

Combination of the best technologies from the public, private or dedicated environment

Ambitious projects and applications with high performance requirements

Combination of the best technologies depending on cloud technology

Granular scalability

Usage-based billing



High performance


Foreseeable costs

24x7x365 support

Cloud in Germany

With large international cloud providers, you often do not know precisely where your data is stored. If you wish, we will only store your data in our highly secure, certified data centres in Germany. With Microsoft Azure Germany we also offer access to a hyperscale cloud, which is also hosted on German soil.

Since our company is also located in Germany, you can be absolutely certain that only German law applies, e.g. with regard to data protection. We are already fulfilling the requirements of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect on 25 May 2018.

We also offer security options such as DDoS-Mitigation and firewalls so as to provide your data in the cloud with the best possible protection against internet attacks. Simply tell us your requirements regarding data security and data protection – we will be happy to advise you.

Diagram of a mixed setup

The sketch shows a mixed setup including Hybrid Cloud integration. This solution makes it possible to provide additional resources for the hosting infrastructure to react to short-term peak loads, if necessary.

Managed Cloud Hosting from the market leader

Our cloud services do not just include the cloud resources. From planning to management during operation as well as all necessary extensions, you will receive active support from PlusServer experts.

In this way, you will receive a solution which is exclusively adapted to your specific business model. Through our professional management and our 24/7 support, you will also benefit from maximum availability of your cloud resources.

Technical consulting and design

  • Personal consulting from our experts
  • Conception and design of your cloud
  • Selecting the right cloud technologies such as VMware, Azure Stack or OpenStack

Integration and migration

  • Integration of all components and services
  • Migration of your existing IT to the cloud
  • Optimisation and automation

Administration and surveillance

  • Customised management of your cloud
  • Monitoring and patch management
  • 24/7 support and fault elimination

Our partners for your Managed Cloud

  • VMware
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Microsoft
  • Netapp
  • Juniper

Eight reasons to choose the cloud


You do not need your own server hardware: this corresponds to savings in procurement and maintenance.


You do not need your own specialist staff: this will save on human resources.


You do not need to enter into negotiations with hardware and software providers: cloud providers offer significantly better value conditions through economies of scale.


You no longer have to fear peak times and seasonal fluctuations: cloud resources offer short terms and rapid delivery times.


Outdated systems are a thing of the past: the cloud provider always ensures the latest hardware and applications.


Unlimited possibilities: the cloud offers a very wide pool of resources, so that the company’s IT can continually grow.


Wide variety of cloud products: in addition to private, public and hardware clouds, Hybrid Cloud solutions offer the possibility of seamlessly integrating dedicated or proprietary hardware.


Managed services and personal support: decision-makers are unburdened, as the cloud provider is there to provide support at all times.

Need an IT solution? We will gladly provide free and non-binding advice.

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