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Managed Cloud

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The perfect Managed Cloud for your business

As a managed Cloud service provider, we support you with solving your digital challenges. Today, companies secure decisive competitive advantages when they are able to react as quickly as possible to current requirements and create a tailored customer experience. A managed Cloud offers you the agility and scalability required to meet this challenge. It also frees up your IT team.

Upon request, we will design your managed Cloud to suit your requirements and will handle the migration, operation and ongoing optimisation. As part of our multi-cloud platform, plus.io, you can even choose whether you want to operate your resources in our European pluscloud, AWS or Google. It’s even possible to combine several Clouds or to integrate your existing IT as a hybrid Cloud.

Which managed Cloud is the right choice for your company?

Icon Public Cloud

Solution for usage-based billing and scale-out scenarios
As much as you need, precisely when you need it: the managed public Cloud provides you with fast reso­urc­es for comp­uting power, storage­capacities, services and more. The Cloud infrastructure is shared with other customers. Billing is based on use (pay-per-use).

More about Public Cloud

plusserver offers you public Cloud products based on the pluscloud, AWS or Google Cloud. Elasticity, scalability and flexibility are the main focus.

Icon Private Cloud

Tailor-made cloud platform for individual requirements
Secured performance, reliable security and plannable costs: these are all included in the managed private cloud. You will receive a dedicated cloud infrastructure whose re­so­urces you can freely allocate.

More about Private Cloud

Your Private Cloud will store your data in a plusserver data centre in your region. This will allow you to benefit from the lowest latencies to your own servers or other resources at plusserver. You may use either VMware vSphere or OpenStack as the basic technology.

Icon Hybrid Cloud

A managed hybrid Cloud connects worlds
Not all companies can or want to move all their workloads directly to the Cloud. In these cases, a hybrid Cloud solution is ideal for connecting the old world with the new. For example, new digital workloads can be specifically developed and rolled out in a Cloud-native way, while existing systems can continue to be used.

More about Hybrid Cloud

plusserver develops a tailored managed hybrid Cloud to suit your requirements. The technologies used range from VMware to OpenStack through to the AWS or GCP Cloud platforms. Our hybrid connector ensures secure connections between locations.

Icon Multi-Cloud

Combine different cloud infrastructures
If cloud computing takes place at different providers, this is referred to as a multi-cloud solution. In contrast to the hybrid cloud, orchestration is much more complex due to decentralization, so that the design requires even deeper cloud expertise.

More about Multi-Cloud

The technological approach of the Multi-Cloud is similar to that of the Hybrid Cloud. They take advantage of different cloud technologies to create a multi-dimensional setup.As part of our multi-cloud platform plus.io, we offer you managed Cloud services in the pluscloud, AWS and GCP.

Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Hybrid Cloud



Shared virtual infrastructure

Individual dedicated virtual infrastructure

Combination of Public and Private Cloud or dedicated environment

Combination of various Public Cloud solutions

Physical hardware



Shared and dedicated



pluscloud, AWS, Google Cloud

VMware vSphere, OpenStack

depending on chosen solution

depending on chosen clouds

Ideal for ...

All types of workloads and container usage (Kubernetes)

All types of workloads when you desire Cloud flexibility with dedicated resources

Step-by-step outsourcing of workloads to the Cloud, while existing resources continue to be used

Combination of the best technologies depending on cloud technology

Granular scalability


Usage-based billing





High performance





Foreseeable costs

24x7x365 support

Your managed Cloud in Germany


With the pluscloud, we offer you a Cloud managed completely by plusserver if desired, in which you can operate your applications in compliance with the GDPR. Alternatively, a convenient web interface is available for Cloud management.

More about the pluscloud.

Managed Cloud provider for AWS and Google

With a managed cloud, you don't just benefit from the pure cloud resources. In addition, we keep your back free of infrastructure tasks through personal contact as well as 24/7 monitoring and support. This gives your employees more time to focus on your core business.

We also complement the IaaS, SaaS and PaaS offerings of our public cloud partners with plusserver Managed Services. This allows you to take full advantage of the numerous possibilities offered by the public cloud without having to build up your own in-depth cloud expertise within the company.

Your secure managed Cloud in Germany


On request, you can use cloud services exclusively in our highly secure and certified data centres in Germany. Since our company is also based in Germany, German law applies exclusively, for example with regard to data protection. It goes without saying that we meet the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has been in force since 25 May 2018.

We also offer security options such as DDoS mitigation and firewalls so as to provide your data in the cloud with the best possible protection against internet attacks. Simply tell us your requirements regarding data security and data protection – we will be happy to advise you.

More about plussecurity

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