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Hybrid cloud:
The best of all worlds

Hybrid Cloud whitepaper

Hybrid Cloud whitepaper

By using Hybrid Cloud architectures, companies utilise the best of all IT worlds. Find out why and how the mid-sized sector can benefit from using the Hybrid Cloud.

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Your Managed Hybrid Cloud for maximum flexibility

The right infrastructure for each workload

The hybrid cloud promises the best of all worlds: the agility and efficiency of the public cloud combined with the security and control of the private cloud, as well as the integration of your dedicated or internal IT resources. A hybrid cloud solution increases the flexibility of your existing IT infrastructure, as this is supplemented with cloud resources and therefore becomes more scalable.

In addition, the hybrid cloud gives your developers or DevOps employees the ability to book resources to develop or test new software as needed, even for short periods of time. The hybrid cloud is also ideal for providing a resource pool. This helps you to react flexibly to increased traffic caused by large-scale multi-channel campaigns or seasonal events (Christmas, Black Friday).

Highlights of our hybrid cloud

  • Tailored advice and architecture
  • Flexible scaling
  • Operating a professional cloud platform (SLA, redundancy)
  • Optional regional hosting or Public Cloud
  • Support for and operation of the infrastructure
  • Integration in existing structures possible
  • Simple provisioning of virtual servers
  • Customised contract terms

Let us advise you personally

Cloud Orchestration Excellence Study

The study performed by Crisp Research in collaboration with PlusServer first looks into the level of cloud maturity at the company. Based on these results, it analyses future architectures and sourcing plans and provides recommendations for a multi-cloud strategy.

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Hybrid cloud – our platforms


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in certified German data centres – you benefit from the stable and secure PlusServer Cloud.

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AWS Cloud

PlusServer is an AWS Consulting Partner and provides Managed Cloud solutions for the comprehensive Amazon Web Services ecosystem.

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Google Cloud Platform

Our certified Professional Cloud Experts are here to help you get the most out of the Google Cloud XaaS services.

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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure’s Public Cloud services are ideal for hybrid infrastructures. We identify the right solution for your workloads.

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As one of the largest VMware solution providers on the German market, we are experts in design and operation.

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Microsoft Hyper-V

Reliable Microsoft technology enables efficient private cloud solutions, which we offer in our German data centres.

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The special feature of OpenStack is the open source principle. A large community continually works on its further development.

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Managed Hosting

Your Managed Hosting, Colocation or On-Premises solution forms the basis for your hybrid cloud and is therefore ideal e.g. for constant loads.

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Optimal utilisation with the hybrid cloud

Icon Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud brings companies economic advantages and allows them to respond optimally to current requirements. While there is usually a constant base load on a company’s systems, there are always peak loads. Rigid infrastructures, e.g. server clusters, must have correspondingly high dimensions in order to absorb these peak loads. However, in between peak load times, these resources either remain unused or the system becomes overloaded.

By integrating cloud resources into the IT landscape, it is possible to use additional resources only when they are actually needed (on demand). Performance can be scaled as desired, as there are almost inexhaustible capacities available in the cloud.

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Find out more about the hybrid cloud

This is how companies can use a hybrid cloud to increase the agility and cost-efficiency of their digital business – while remaining safe and fully compliant.

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Central management of the hybrid cloud

Central management of the hybrid cloud

A hybrid cloud is characterised by the seamless integration of all involved components. All resources are integrated into the same networks. This makes the central management and control of resources possible. We will be happy to advise you and support you in choosing the best cloud platforms, the architecture of your hybrid cloud, in the migration of your data and in the operation of your hybrid IT infrastructure.

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Your individual cloud solution from our portfolio


Managed Cloud

Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud in German DCs based on VMware or OpenStack.

To Managed cloud

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

The solution for usage-based billing and scale-out scenarios.

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Private Cloud

Private Cloud

The tailor-made cloud platform for individual requirements.

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