Backup as a Service with plusbackup: Your business runs, whatever happens

Data is the crown jewel of almost every business today. Nevertheless, 89 percent of companies have a "protection gap", a dangerous gap between tolerable data losses and the backup intervals practiced. This can threaten the very existence of the companies concerned. Technical or human failure, as well as cybercrime, can lead to the loss of valuable data at any time.

With plusbackup, you can prevent data loss without needing your own backup hardware. Instead, your data is safely stored in BSI-C5-tested data centers in Germany. You automatically comply with best practices such as the 3-2-1 rule, and optional disaster recovery plans keep you in business even in an emergency without significant loss of time or revenue.

  • Backups of all data from any infrastructure
  • Legally compliant and DSGVO-compliant data storage
  • Basis for your disaster recovery
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Backup as a Service: Your advantages


Simple and versatile

plusbackup is based on Veeam Cloud Connect, the proven technology to send backups and replicas to a BaaS provider securely and with high performance. Use plusbackup for different infrastructures, whether in the cloud or in your enterprise. For Linux, Windows or Mac. 


Sovereign and protected

With plusbackup, you always retain control over your data and remain provider-independent. As a German provider with certified data center locations in Germany, we enable secure and DSGVO-compliant data storage. In addition, we are not subject to the US CLOUD Act.


Restore and recovery

With plusbackup, you benefit from a fast restore of all data or individual files to avoid expensive downtime for your business. In addition, our backup as a service can be easily extended to an economical disaster recovery solution on our pluscloud v.


Opex instead of Capex

Save the investment in a secondary backup or disaster recovery infrastructure. With our Backup as a Service, you only pay for the storage space and resources you actually use. You also retain full freedom as you are not bound to long contract terms.


Scalable and flexible

"Storage full" is a thing of the past. Like many cloud solutions, plusbackup offers virtually unlimited scalable resources. Exactly when you need them. Backup as a Service eliminates the need for your own investments in backup software and storage solutions. 


Self-service or managed

Operate your plusbackup very easily in self-service - once set up, everything runs fully automatically. Or let us support you to the desired extent - up to full management of your backup solution. This is how our Backup as a Service adapts to your needs.

plusbackup: See all features

For servers and workstations


Server and workstation clients with the operating systems Windows, Linux and MacOS are supported. Two software components must be installed on the clients in order to use them. The first is the management agent, which acts as an intermediary for the plusbackup service. Secondly, the backup agent is required, which performs the backup according to your settings and transmits the data.

Geo-redundant backup of data

Backup entire systems or parts such as selected directories or files with Backup as a Service, and store them physically and logically separate from the source system.

In the process, a copy of your backup data is additionally transferred to a geographically distant plusserver data center with a time delay. It ensures data availability even in cases where the backup is no longer available at the first location (geo-redundant storage). 

Pay per use

Your dynamic backup resources are billed monthly according to actual usage (on demand).

Powerful API

Backup as a Service with plusbackup is based on solutions from Veeam. The Veeam Service Provider Console provides you with a convenient web interface and the API of the service. This allows you to make configuration changes to backup jobs at any time.

Disaster Recovery

Take advantage of the option to replicate your complete environment with plusbackup and restore it immediately to our pluscloud v in the event of a permanent failure of your systems.

The cloud environment is started for you in the event of a disaster and ensures the fastest possible recovery of your digital services. This offer is even interesting for customers with pluscloud v as their primary environment due to our data centers being distributed throughout Germany.

Agent-based backup

In order to use plusbackup, two software components are installed on the clients: the Management Agent, which plays an intermediary role to the plusbackup service, and the Backup Agent, which performs the backup according to the settings made in the Service Provider Console, and transmits the data.


- via backup agent of the source system

- for entire client systems via recovery medium and backup agent

- for whole VMs via Veeam Backup & Recovery Server, also to provisioned pluscloud (disaster recovery)

Benefit from transparent billing based on consumption with our Backup as a Service

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  • Your reliable backup
  • GDPR-compliant in German locations
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plusbackup prices

  • Billing according to usage
  • Storage: 0.035 €/GB
  • Clients & Licenses: from 2.00 €/Client*
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*Applies to client already equipped with Veeam licenses. Surcharges up to €14.65/client for unlicensed server client.

3-2-1 rule: Implement best practices easily with plusbackup

Three copies, two media, one external backup - secure the reliability of the golden backup rule with us.

plusbackup automatically stores the data of your productive environment at two additional locations with different storage technologies. Because we want you to easily achieve the perfect backup, we have integrated the 3-2-1 rule as an elementary component in plusbackup.



Rely on Backup as a Service made in Germany

Trust in highest security and availability of your data in our certified data centers in Germany. As a founding member of Gaia-X and Sovereign Cloud Stack, we offer you future-proof open source solutions that focus on your digital sovereignty and innovative strength.


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What our customers say

„The DRaaS solution from plusserver based on Veeam Cloud Connect allows us, in the event of a critical incident, to independently boot up business-critical virtual machines in the cloud in just a few hours at the Düsseldorf site and restore all important services as quickly as possible.“

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Hanno van den Boogaard
Regional Manager Global IT