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Backup as a Service

Keep your business running no matter what

Backup as a Service - because data loss is not an option

Today, data is the crown jewel of almost every company and its loss can be existentially threatening. With plusbackup you can prevent data loss without needing your own backup hardware. Instead, your data is securely stored in certified data centers in Germany. You automatically comply with best practices such as the 3-2-1 rule, and optional disaster recovery plans keep you up and running without significant loss of time or revenue.

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Simple and versatile

Leverage backup as a service across multiple infrastructures. Cloud, servers, or storage. Linux, Windows, or Mac.

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Sovereign and protected

With plusbackup, you retain control of your data in highly secure data centers and remain independent of any provider.

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Restore and recovery

Benefit from fast recovery of all data or individual files. Full disaster recovery is also possible.

Attraktive Konditionen​

Opex instead of Capex

Eliminate the need to invest in secondary backup or DR infrastructure. Pay-as-you-go and monthly billing.

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Scalable and flexible

With virtually unlimited scalable resources, storage overload is a thing of the past.

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Self-service or managed

Once set up, everything runs automatically. But if you want, we can manage it for you.


For servers and workstations

Supports server and workstation clients running Windows, Linux, and MacOS operating systems.

Geo-redundant backup

A copy of your backup data is sent to a geographically remote plusserver data center with a time delay.

Powerful API

The Veeam Service Provider Console provides you with a user-friendly web interface and a powerful API.

Disaster Recovery

Replicate and recover your entire environment in our pluscloud VMware in the event of a disaster.

Agent-based backup

Two software components are installed on the clients to use plusbackup.


Individual files, entire client systems or entire VMs can be restored.

Use cases

Flexibles Back up & Disaster Recovery

Flexible backup & restore with DRaaS

plusserver’s Veeam-based backup solution and DRaaS implementation in pluscloud VMware enables the digital agency Valtech to stay up and running even in the event of a disaster. The internal IT team can independently boot up business-relevant virtual machines within a few hours. This enables the company to restore and use all important services and applications as quickly as possible.

BaaS pricing

*Applies to clients already equipped with Veeam licenses. Surcharges up to 14.65 €/client for unlicensed server client. All prices quoted are net plus applicable taxes and duties. Prices are subject to change.

Billing by consumption (monthly)

Storage0.035 €per GB
Clients & licensesfrom 2.00 €per client*

Some of our satisfied customers


Our BaaS solution offers numerous security features:

  • Encryption of all data even before transmission in flight and at rest.
  • Key is only known to you as our customer
  • Automatic storage of backups at two locations (perfect for 3-2-1 rule)
  • Latest technology from backup specialist Veeam
  • Short transfer paths due to many peerings, especially from Germany
  • Protection against ransomware through direct access to all recovery points, so a restoration of the status before the attack can be performed
  • Long-term archiving through grandfather-father-son configuration option.
  • Backup of dedicated servers, VMs, or an entire VMware vCenter.
  • Client systems at plusserver or at other locations (good connectivity required)
  • BaaS in combination with pluscloud VMware as a disaster recovery solution

With all of our as-a-service offerings, you benefit from a transparent pricing model:

  • Only three metrics (storage, number of clients, and license fees, if applicable)
  • Monthly fees with no capital expenditure (Opex)
  • No hidden costs due to difficult to calculate API access charges or the like

The GFS principle means that multiple backups are always available in different time steps (grandfather – father – son).

In case of a recovery, several versions are available. At plusserver we always ensure the availability of all data by using specific storage methods (RAID, erasure coding, backup copy).

Normally, daily backups are made. However, if an accidentally deleted file is only missed after months, a large number of recovery points would be required. This would take up storage space and cost money. With GFS, individual backups are made at specific intervals, such as weekly and monthly, with separately configurable retention times. For example, Wednesday backups can be kept for eight weeks, and the last monthly backup can be kept for a full year.

With a golden rule backup, you always have three copies of your data (one of which is the original), use two different storage media, and store one copy offsite. With our Backup as a Service, this rule is automatically met because one copy of your backup is stored geo-redundantly.

What our customers say

Hanno van den Boogaard, Valtech
Kundenreferenz valtech

„The DRaaS solution from plusserver based on Veeam Cloud Connect allows us, in the event of a critical incident, to independently boot up business-critical virtual machines in the cloud in just a few hours at the Düsseldorf site and restore all important services as quickly as possible.“

Hanno van den Boogaard

Regional Manager Global IT at Valtech, talks about his experiences with plusserver.

Rely on Backup as a Service "Made in Germany"

Trust in the highest security and availability of your data in our certified data centers in Germany. As a founding member of Gaia-X and a BSI-C5 audited provider, we offer you future-proof cloud solutions that focus on your sovereignty and innovation.

The most important facts about the EU security directive at a glance.
With our SOCaaS, you can stop cybercrime through real-time monitoring.
Achieve your digitalization goals with the right security strategy
Highly secure and available. Because your business can’t run without data.

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