Why train at plusserver?

Advantages to plusserver apprenticeships:

  • opportunities to learn various professions which require training
  • very good prospects of getting a full-time position
  • excellent development opportunities
  • one of the current heads of department joined plusserver as an apprentice

We regularly train for the following professions:

  • Office manager:
    The job for those with a gift for organisation and who love Excel.
  • IT specialist in application development:
    To you, Java is not an island and Python isn’t a snake.
  • IT specialist in system integration:
    Linux is your best friend and everything comes to a standstill without it.
  • IT system builder:
    You are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied.
Susanne Leiser

I am happy to answer further questions:

Susanne Lieser
Telephone: +49 (0)2203 1045 3656
Email: susanne.lieser@plusserver.com


Tips for your apprenticeship application:

Tips for your apprenticeship application

Make sure your apprenticeship application has a good chance of succeeding by considering the following. 

  • Complete all your documents: in addition to your cover letter and CV, please also include your most recent relevant school certificates and, if available, school and employer references.
  • Please tell us why you would be a good trainee at plusserver and convince us by personalising your cover letter as much as possible. Tell us why you want to work here and what drives you.
  • The overall impression has to be right. Avoid making errors in the forms and pay attention to proper documentation. This includes things such as an appealing and clear layout.

Awards and Partnerships

Federal Employment Agency award

plusserver is one of the top trainers in Cologne

In 2018, the Federal Employment Agency awarded plusserver with a certificate for its special commitment to the promotion of young talents. This certificate focuses primarily on creative ideas from companies - at plusserver, for example, regular trainee events are held for mutual exchange.


Gold medal for committed companies

Vocational training without borders (Berufsbildung ohne Grenzen (BoG)) awarded plusserver the BoG gold medal for giving its trainees excellent development opportunities. plusserver trainees have also been able to gain qualified experience in internships abroad for several years now. This program is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).


Training questions and answers:

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What does the application process usually look like?
When does the training start?
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