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pluscloud VMware

The German cloud built on proven VMware technology for your IT modernization.



With the BSI-C5-tested pluscloud VMware, you can modernize your IT infrastructure while staying in the VMware environment you are familiar with. Pay-as-you-go billing, no minimum purchase, and free traffic ensure planning reliability and cost transparency. Thanks to our pluscloud data centers in Germany, you stay in control of your data. We provide 24/7 support in English and German and individual architecture consulting, if needed.

Icon Testierte Sicherheit

Certified & tested security

Your data is safe and secure in pluscloud VMware – confirmed by several attestations, e.g. BSI C5 Type II.

Cost transparency

Pay-as-you-go, no minimum term or purchase, free traffic, commitment based discounts.

plusserver Made in Germany Icon

Made in Germany

In compliance with GDPR, your data is stored in our pluscloud data centers in Germany and is not subject to the CLOUD Act.

VMware Sovereign Cloud

VMware Sovereign Cloud

pluscloud VMware is certified as Sovereign Cloud by VMware. This once again guarantees data protection and sovereignty.

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IT modernization made easy

You can stay in the VMware environment you are familiar with while taking advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

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As an industry standard, VMware is sustainable and future-proof. It can also be extended with innovative services.


High Performance

High-performance vCPUs and GPUs let you take advantage of the latest in GPU-powered high performance computing.


Automatic & convenient data backup via web interface. You only pay for the amount of backup space that you actually use.


With multiple locations in Germany, you can achieve (geo-)redundancy and higher availability for your data.


Order pluscloud VMware through the CloudHub and manage it yourself in vCloud Director.

Software-defined network

You get administrative access to the virtual data center (vDC), where you can run everything right out of the box.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Leverage a powerful DR solution in pluscloud VMware that provides simple, secure, and cost-effective onboarding, migration, and disaster recovery services.

Use cases

Hybrid & compliant solution​

Dr. Dienst & Partner previously operated its IT on-premises. As part of the digitalization process, the company wanted to modernize its IT and outsource operational responsibility to plusserver. The focus was on increased reliability, performance and flexibility. In addition, the strict compliance requirements according to GDPR and professional law (WPO/StBerG) had to be met. After extensive consultation, the decision was made to go with a hybrid cloud consisting of pluscloud VMware and a private cloud for own hardware in a housing model (colocation) in the plusserver data centers. This combination enabled the auditing and tax consulting firm to achieve reliability, performance and flexibility while maintaining compliance.
Anwendungsfälle IT_Migration
Anwendungsfälle Saklierbares Wachstum

Scaling 75 percent user growth​

DEKRA Safety Web is a portal for legally compliant online instructions for employees. It was initially developed and hosted entirely in-house by DEKRA Media. As the number of users increased (75 percent in 2020 alone), the need grew for a solution that would remain stable and perform well, even when many users were accessing it simultaneously. A scalable, high-performance cloud infrastructure was needed. In addition to GDPR compliance, ISO 27001 was a requirement. At the same time, there was a desire for operational support to reduce the burden on the company’s own team. With pluscloud VMware and the plusserver service, DEKRA can continue to grow in the future.

Disaster Recovery with pluscloud VMware​

With the cloud-based DR solution in pluscloud VMware, companies and public clients can perform recoveries between different pluscloud VMware locations or between an on-premises setup and pluscloud VMware. In the event of a data theft, outage, natural disaster or other catastrophic event, the pluscloud VMware recovery scenario maintains business operations. This allows organizations to remain operational and ensure business continuity in the event of a potential disaster.
Anwendungsfälle DRaaS
Anwendungsfälle S-4HANA Migration

S/4HANA migration to GDPR-compliant cloud​

Messe Düsseldorf was looking to migrate to SAP S/4HANA. Due to the sensitivity of the SAP data, the aspect of data protection was extremely important for the trade fair company. For this reason, they chose pluscloud VMware in the secure and GDPR-compliant, SAP- and TÜV-certified data centers of plusserver in Germany. By operating S/4HANA in the cloud, Messe Düsseldorf is able to save costs for IT resources in the long term and relieve the internal IT department. In addition, the company can ensure that it always has access to the latest infrastructure via pluscloud VMware.

Your customized VMware Cloud

Icon Public Cloud


With the public variant of pluscloud VMware, you use flexible compute resources in German data centers. All the benefits of a public cloud with high compliance and GDPR-compliant data storage – without barriers to entry.

Icon Private Cloud


As an organization with highly sensitive data and even more stringent compliance requirements, a private cloud is the right choice for you. Our private pluscloud VMware is available as a complete cloud stack for your exclusive use.

Icon Data Center


Whether as a white-label solution to complement your portfolio or as a dedicated cloud for your business: With local pluscloud VMware, the cloud comes to your own data center. We take care of the entire operation for you.


Due to the ongoing negotiations with Broadcom/VMware (as reported in the press), prices are currently only available on request.

DRaaS on pluscloud VMware

The pluscloud VMware disaster recovery solution is powered by VMware Cloud Director Availability (VCDA). It provides you with unified onboarding, migration and disaster recovery services in or between multi-tenant VMware clouds.

pluscloud VMware is the first VMware Sovereign Cloud with this DRaaS solution in Germany.
RGB implementation


The DRaaS solution is available on an on demand basis and can be purchased per virtual machine. The Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is six hours. It describes the maximum allowable data loss and defines the maximum age of data in a backup that an organization can reasonably use in a disaster recovery situation. The RPO therefore defines the minimum number of backup cycles required.

RGB onboarding


With DRaaS on pluscloud VMware, two different disaster recovery scenarios can be implemented:


Peter-Pellio, Dr. Dienst & Partner
As a law firm, it is not only reliability and optimal performance that are important to us when using a cloud solution. It is also essential for us to meet the compliance requirements of the GDPR and professional law. The hybrid cloud solution based on pluscloud VMware from plusserver fully meets all our requirements.
Peter Pellio
Managing Partner at Dr. Dienst & Partner, on his experience with pluscloud VMware
Andreas Heusel: heusel INET
As an IT system house, we wanted to be able to offer our own heuselNET cloud in the future. To do this, we needed a strong provider – we chose plusserver and pluscloud VMware. plusserver offers excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and an outstanding sales team. Our dedicated servers have been migrated to pluscloud VMware. Of course, our customers are most excited about the improved performance. In addition, we have been able to optimize overall reliability, failover and backups. Our internal IT management has also improved significantly. And with pluscloud VMware, I sleep much better knowing that data sovereignty is guaranteed for us and our customers. With plusserver, we have found a strong and reliable partner for our heuselNET cloud. Together, we are driving the digitalization of the last mile.
Andreas Heusel
Managing Director ​at heuselNET business solutions GmbH

Some of our satisfied customers

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Our platform partner VMware by Broadcom

The pluscloud VMware is based on VMware vSphere.
VMware has certified us as a “VMware Sovereign Cloud Provider” – making plusserver one of only three cloud providers in Germany to meet the strict requirements for this award:

  • Data sovereignty and Control
  • Data Security and Compliance
  • Data Access and Integrity
  • Data Independence and Mobility
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High-performance vCPUs and GPUs in pluscloud VMware let you take advantage of the latest in GPU-powered high-performance computing for applications involving AI, machine learning/deep learning, modeling, real-time visualization, or enhanced user experience.
To deliver massive parallel processing, we harness the full power of NVIDIA datacenter graphics cards. We provide these as GPU instances for you to use on demand. A GPU supports the virtual servers with hardware acceleration and offloads the vCores, enabling application-level computations to be performed with great accuracy and speed.

  • High-end GPU cores based on NVIDIA
  • Available on a monthly basis (GPU as a Service)
  • GPU profiles for proper licensing of driver software
  • No long-term investment in proprietary hardware required
  • Ideal for floating-point, AI, and rendering workloads
  • High-performance vCPU vCore speed > 3 GHz

With pluscloud VMware, you can back up your valuable data automatically and conveniently via web interface. You only pay for the amount of backup space that you actually use. Back up your VMs created in pluscloud VMware with just a few clicks. You can also automatically back up entire environments. We keep all backup data logically and physically separate from the pluscloud VMware environment to ensure the availability of your data – optionally geo-redundant.

  • Automatic backups of each entire virtual machine on a regular basis
  • Simple administration through the management portal via GUI or API
  • On-demand resource billing by number of VMs being backed up and per GB of required storage
  • Backup storage scales automatically to meet your needs

pluscloud VMware is the next logical step on the digital journey to the cloud. It simplifies IT modernization for businesses by allowing them to stay in the VMware environment they often know from previous systems. At the same time, they can benefit from the advantages of the cloud and combine it with other innovative services. In addition, plusserver can provide advice on individual architectures, taking into account any existing legacy hardware.

pluscloud VMware is available with 99.99 % SLA on a monthly average. You also have the option to increase the availability of your on-premises VMware deployments with a disaster recovery scenario.

As pluscloud VMware is an Infrastructure as a Service, everything related to the operation of the infrastructure is managed by plusserver. You can focus on what you want to run on your pluscloud open, while we keep the infrastructure up to date.
Do you need additional services beyond the provision of pluscloud VMware? We will be happy to actively support you with your IT modernization.

  • Consulting: We guide you on your digital journey, taking into account any legacy hardware you may have. If needed, our experts can advise you on the possibilities of your individual architecture – including which additional services can further enhance your infrastructure. For example, you can increase the availability of your local VMware setups with a disaster recovery scenario.
  • Onboarding: Take advantage of our structured onboarding for your pluscloud VMware. In a two-hour workshop, we will gladly help you set up your optimal cloud environment. Our cloud experts will show you the most important steps and functionalities and address your specific requirements.
  • Service & Support: Our dedicated service and support team is available 24/7 to assist you in case of problems.

Grow with the Cloud "Made in Germany"

Trust in the highest security in our certified data centers in Germany. As a founding member of Gaia-X and a BSI C5 audited provider, we offer you future-proof cloud solutions that focus on your sovereignty and innovation.

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Severin Braun

Chief Product Officer

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