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IT modernization as a starting point for going digital

What are the drivers and challenges? And how does the cloud fit in?

IT-Modernisierung - Schritt für Schritt in die Cloud

The Herculean task of modernizing IT and dismantling legacy systems

IT modernization and the associated replacement of legacy IT is a key issue for public sector customers and German SMBs. In the IDC white paper, “Data Sovereignty in the Cloud,” 61 percent of respondents said they plan to increase their use of the cloud in the medium to long term. However, an acute skills shortage and a lack of knowledge about the how and where are proving to be hurdles. We can show you the solutions and help you transform!

IT modernization with plusserver

IT modernization: working hand-in-hand with a strong partner

plusserver Icon Cloud Consulting

Cloud Consulting

Overcome skills shortages and cloud expertise gaps with our individual consulting services.

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24/7 support DNA

Our dedicated support team can help you build a solid foundation for your digital business.

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Cloud to legacy expertise

Taking into account your legacy, colocation and more, we guide you step-by-step through your IT transformation.

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Tested infrastructures

Rely on our certified data centers and BSI C5 audited clouds for the highest levels of security and compliance.

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Data sovereignty

Benefit from data storage in Germany, open source independence, and the freedom to move your data at any time.

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Complete transformation

Beyond migrating to the cloud, we can help you transform to cloud-native development and deployment.

Top reasons for using cloud services

Using clouds in highly secure data centers

In IDC’s recent white paper, “Data Sovereignty in the Cloud,” 27 percent of respondents say they are using the cloud to improve their IT security. The analysts confirm that cloud providers use advanced cybersecurity tools and apply IT industry best practices in their data centers. Organizations are often unable to achieve this level of security on their own, and often experience security incidents largely due to their legacy IT. Approximately one-quarter of respondents cited increasing outages and successful cyberattacks as the reason for their modernization project.
IT-Sicherheit während der Cloud-Migration gewährleisten
Standardisierung ist eine wichtige Komponente der digitalen Transformation

Simplified & unified infrastructure

For 25 percent of respondents, one of the greatest strengths of cloud computing is the establishment of standards in the IT infrastructure and application landscape. Standards make IT operations much easier. This applies not only to the integration of solutions, the elimination of silos, or the streamlining of processes through automation, but also to the transparency of processes. When these aspects are addressed, organizations are much better positioned to implement new digital business models and innovations.

Flexibility in tough times

Another reason for the cloud is very timely. For 23 percent of decision makers, cloud computing is an appropriate tool to increase their resilience. Robust business operations are a must in the face of uncertain markets and ecosystems. As a result, the concept of resilience is receiving more attention than in the past.
Die Cloud kann Ihr Unternehmen resillienter gegenüber Veränderungen und Bedrohungen machen
Durch Cloud-Automatisierung verringern Sie fehleranfällige manuelle Aufgaben

Reducing manual tasks

The cloud provides several opportunities to automate repetitive and manual tasks. By deploying tools and services in the cloud, organizations can simplify processes such as provisioning, configuring, monitoring, and scaling resources. This minimizes manual intervention and increases efficiency.

Take your IT to the next level, regardless of your starting point

Icon pluscloud VMware

pluscloud VMware

With pluscloud VMware, you have your data firmly under control thanks to our own data centers in Germany and BSI C5 testing (Type II). It is also one of only two cloud platforms in Germany that meets the criteria of a VMware Sovereign Cloud.

plusserver Icon pluscloud open

pluscloud open

pluscloud open is the first open source cloud in Germany that meets business requirements at enterprise level. The mature cloud stack is based on the SCS (Sovereign Cloud Stack), which in turn is a technical foundation for Gaia-X – the European cloud ecosystem for digital sovereignty. pluscloud open is BSI C5 Type II audited.

plusserver Icon Managed Kubernetes

Cloud-native & sovereign

Use the plusserver Kubernetes Engine (PSKE) to orchestrate Kubernetes clusters within pluscloud open. Our managed Kubernetes product is 100 percent open source.

Use it to automate your application development and deployment, transforming applications from monoliths to agile microservices.

Our Private Registry is the perfect complement.

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Highly sensitive data

Use our dedicated solutions when it is not possible to outsource certain data or applications to the cloud for compliance or regulatory reasons.

You can replace your outdated IT and transfer operational tasks to plusserver while retaining full control and exclusive use of the resources.

Be it colocation, dedicated servers or private cloud.

What is the right approach to IT modernization? 3 steps to success

Successful IT modernization requires a strategy tailored to your unique needs and challenges. The cloud is not the first and only answer, although it will be essential in the long run.

Executive Insights IT Modernisierung

Step 1: Analysis

Assess the current situation and identify needs

Step 2: Modernization

Based on your analysis, move to the cloud at your own pace

Step 3: Transformation and innovation

Implement cloud-native applications and business models

Data sovereignty - a challenge for IT modernization?

Find out what IT decision makers need to consider when moving to the cloud.

These and other companies already rely on modern cloud and it services

Modernize your IT with Cloud Services "Made in Germany"

Trust in the highest security in our certified data centers in Germany. As a founding member of Gaia-X and a BSI C5 audited provider, we offer you future-proof cloud solutions that focus on your sovereignty and innovation.

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Security in cloud computing doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. Download your roadmap here and start your digital journey.
Why plusserver
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Why plusserver
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Why plusserver
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