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IT skills shortage: The stumbling block to digitalization

As the pressure to innovate remains high, there is a shortage of 149,000 IT professionals

Shortage of IT professionals:

How you can still modernize your IT

A current IDC study shows that organizations want and need to reduce the complexity of their IT landscape and the effort required to operate it. In the future, they will increasingly use cloud solutions that grow with their needs, automate tasks, and increase security. Find out now how this can be achieved in the face of a shortage of 149,000 IT specialists (source: Bitkom).

Don't let the skills gap slow you down. We help where you need us.

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Cloud consulting

Leverage our personalized consulting & presales services to compensate for lack of specialized staff and cloud expertise.

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24/7 Support DNA

We reduce your IT operational problems with our in-house solutions and English language support.

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Cloud to legacy expertise

If you are facing an acute IT skills shortage, you can benefit from our extensive expertise to help you transform.
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Audited infrastructures

Our certified data centers and tested clouds (BSI C5) ensure reliability and reduce your burden.

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Avoid vendor lock-in and maintain control of your data with all plusserver solutions.

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4 strategies to address skills shortages using the cloud

Simplify & unify infrastructure

In the IDC survey, 25 percent of respondents cited the establishment of standards in the IT infrastructure and application landscape as one of the biggest benefits of cloud adoption. Standards make IT operations much easier, which is critical given the IT skills shortage. They reduce the effort and potential sources of error in IT operations, enable process automation, and ensure fast and secure business. In contrast, the organic complexity of legacy IT makes it increasingly difficult to manage and secure.
IT Fachkräftemangel
IT Fachkraeftemangel Automatisierung

Reduce manual effort

The cloud enables the automation of recurring tasks that were previously performed manually. Virtual resources can be automatically provisioned via APIs without the need for manual intervention by an administrator (“infrastructure as code”). For digital business models, the use of automation solutions is essential to enable agile development and rapid responsiveness. By using resources in the cloud, organizations can also simplify or outsource processes such as provisioning, configuration, monitoring and scaling of resources to the cloud provider.

Leverage best practices

According to IDC analysts, cloud data centers are very well positioned from a security perspective. For example, they have advanced cybersecurity tools and state-of-the-art physical hardware and data security, which are difficult for enterprises to implement, not least because of the lack of IT specialists. In addition, it would simply not make sense for individual organizations to build up niche security expertise far away from their core business. In the cloud, they benefit from economies of scale and certified infrastructures.
IT Fachkraeftemangel Absichern
IT Fachkraeftemangel Modernisierung

Attract and retain the best

While IT outsourcing and cloud resources can solve part of the skills problem, few IT departments will be able to survive without new talent in the long run. These workers want to be able to use modern technologies and have the ability to work flexibly and autonomously, rather than having to deal with outdated on-premises hardware and the hassle of managing it. Therefore, modernizing IT and transforming to DevOps and cloud-native can help create attractive jobs and bring valuable expertise into the organization for new lines of business.

Our solutions are designed for efficiency

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pluscloud VMware

With pluscloud VMware, you get a particularly easy entry into cloud computing if your company already has a VMware environment in use. plusserver supports you in operation and offers 24/7 support to enable reliable and secure modern IT even in times of acute skills shortages.

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pluscloud open

pluscloud open is the first open source enterprise cloud in Germany. It has a strong focus on automation to simplify tasks and relieve IT staff. The highly available and scalable cloud infrastructure can be easily administered via APIs using code, or alternatively a web interface is available.

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Leverage container technology to make your application development and deployment more efficient. The plusserver Kubernetes Engine (PSKE) lets you orchestrate Kubernetes clusters in pluscloud open. PSKE automates many routine tasks, reducing the burden on your IT team. Our private registry ensures proper management of your container images.

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Managed Services & Consulting

With our range of managed cloud services, you can delegate as much responsibility as you need to plusserver. With different levels of management, our cloud ecosystem and consulting services, we find individual solutions for your staffing challenges.

Insights into modernizing IT

Find out why enterprises need to modernize and how you can move from legacy to the cloud at your own pace.

Leverage our ecosystem when human resources are scarce

In order to successfully implement an IT modernization strategy despite a lack of qualified personnel, IT managers can outsource a number of competencies. plusserver has an extensive partner network for these areas, among others:

Data classification, infrastructure or application analysis

Getting migrated
Successful cloud migration with project manager (optional)

Cloud-native technology adoption
The logical next step in your cloud journey

Change management & training
Engage your people in the transformation

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Solve your IT skills shortage with cloud services "Made in Germany"

You can rely on the highest level of security in our certified data centers in Germany. As a Gaia-X founding member and provider with BSI-C5 testing, we offer you future-proof cloud solutions that focus on your sovereignty and innovative strength.

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