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Network Storage

Cost-effective data storage in German data centers


The perfect match for your cloud

Extend your IT infrastructure with a modern, highly available, and cost-effective centralized storage solution. It can be flexibly deployed and scaled to work with your cloud resources as well as other infrastructures. This is suitable for both your cloud resources and other infrastructures. Flexible to use and highly scalable.

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Lower costs

Shared storage offers potential savings over dedicated storage or in-house operation.

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Reduce the risk of overloading your infrastructure or compromising business-critical data in the event of a failure.

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Data sovereignty

Your data stays where you put it. In our data centers in Germany.


Different performance levels

Our network storage is available in two performance classes and can be flexibly booked in 100 GB increments.

High compatibility

Network storage supports a wide range of protocols: ISCSI, NFS, CIFS/SMB.

Optimal availability

Redundant power and network connectivity, multiple fire zones, and 24/7 operation and support.

Regular snapshots

Use customizable snapshot intervals for optimal data integrity and ransomware protection.

Certified data centers

Leverage shared storage in our own data centers in Germany, certified to ISO 27001 and other standards.

Use cases

The right storage for the cloud

As part of their IT modernization efforts, enterprises are gradually moving their data and applications to the cloud. Shared storage is the perfect complement for centralized storage, archiving, and backup.
Network Storage Anwendungsfall IT-Modernisierung
Network Storage Anwendungsfall Konsolidierung

Reduce complexity

Organizations can reduce the number and variety of storage devices by centralizing data storage. Since network storage can be flexibly booked with plusserver, they also achieve better utilization. This also reduces costs compared to in-house operation: companies only use and pay for the storage space they need.

Our datacenters

Looking for a safe harbor for your valuable data? Learn more about our certified and audited data centers in Germany.

Some of our satisfied customers

Rely on storage solutions "Made in Germany"

Trust in the highest security in our certified data centers in Germany. As a founding member of Gaia-X, a VMware Sovereign Cloud Provider and a provider with BSI C5 testing, we offer you future-proof computing platforms that focus on your sovereignty and innovation.

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Data loss can be existentially threatening. With BaaS, data simply stays secure.
With pluscloud open, you use the digitally sovereign OpenStack cloud, made in Germany.
Use our BSI-C5-tested VMware Cloud from German data centers.

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Severin Braun

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