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pluscloud open

The digitally sovereign OpenStack Cloud – made in Germany.



With pluscloud open, you are able to use a digitally sovereign, BSI-C5-tested cloud based on OpenStack. Manage the highly available and scalable cloud infrastructure via IaC or GUI. Thanks to our GDPR-compliant data centers in Germany, you retain sovereignty over your data at all times. Our simple pricing model gives you full control over your expenses. We provide 24/7 support in English and German and individual architecture consulting, if needed.

Made in Germany

In compliance with GDPR, your data is stored in our pluscloud data centers in Germany and is not subject to the CLOUD Act.

Cost savings

Pay-as-you-go, no minimum term or purchase, free traffic & object storage, commitment based discounts.

Icon Testierte Sicherheit

Certified & tested security

Your data is safe and secure in pluscloud open – confirmed by several attestations, e.g. BSI C5 Type II.

plusserver Icon Unternehmen

Technological sovereignty

Thanks to open source, you are not tied to any proprietary technology and your data remains fully portable at all times.
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As a founding member of Gaia-X and the Sovereign Cloud Stack, we are part of the open source community. Our continuous development and participation in the SCS ensures that the platform remains state-of-the-art and future-proof.
Icon Cloud Native Ready

Cloud-native ready

Convenience and speed for true cloud-native systems. Modular extensibility with complementary cloud-native offerings.


Cloud load balancing

Load balancer as a Service ensures optimal distribution of your workload, which would overload a single cloud server.

Firewall functions

Gain maximum security by filtering directly in the Software-Defined Network (SDN) based on security rules and groups.

Open source

pluscloud open is completely open source. It is built on the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS), which is part of Gaia-X.


Choose whether your pluscloud open should be located in Cologne, Düsseldorf or Hamburg. You can also implement geo-redundant cloud setups.

Self-service via API

Self-service IT resources via API: Control the highly available, scalable infrastructure directly via IaC.

Object storage

Simplified handling of cloud-native workflows & collaborative use of IaC (up to 20 GB / 20,000 objects free of charge).

Use cases

Open source software for the public sector

Univention develops open-source software and supports IT modernization in the public sector, in education, and in companies with its applications. Due to its own extensive infrastructure, which had grown over the years, Univention’s growth recently seemed to be in jeopardy, as there was an increasing lack of in-depth know-how and time to deal intensively with the necessary topics. For this reason, the company was looking for an open-source cloud that offered more scalability, greater reliability, and SCS compatibility. With pluscloud open, Univention can relieve its own internal IT and concentrate on further growth.

Performance & security without technology lock-in

The start-up company Knowledge Hero aims to revolutionize the learning of PLU codes (price look-up codes) in food retail with its SaaS learning solution easyPLU®, which was launched at the end of 2023. As the solution has to ensure simultaneous learning processes for a large number of users and constantly process large amounts of live data, the start-up was looking for a suitable infrastructure on which it could develop and operate its software in the long term. Above all, the infrastructure had to guarantee data security and performance. Knowledge Hero chose plusserver’s Managed Kubernetes solution because easyPLU® is based on a modern microservice architecture. The secure infrastructure from certified data centers in Germany was also a decisive factor. Thanks to the BSI-C5-tested pluscloud open, on which the plusserver Kubernetes Engine is based, Knowledge Hero can run its workloads securely and with high performance without having to rely on proprietary technologies. This solution is therefore the ideal foundation for long-term, flexible growth without technology lock-in.


Traffic fair use policy: Usage of the network according to normal behavior is free of charge. All prices quoted are net plus applicable taxes and duties. Prices are subject to change.

Billing by consumption (monthly)

CPU0,0205 €per vCPU/hour
RAM0,007 €per vRAM/hour
Storage0,09 €per GB
Load Balancer0,068 €per LB/hour
Public IP addresses0,003 €per IP/hour
Trafficfreeincoming & outgoing

Try now for free

Test all features of pluscloud open 30 days without obligation and free of charge.

Customer Testimonials

Stefan Gohmann von Univention
“We used to do a lot of things ourselves. But lately, we have not been able to deepen the expertise we need to scale. And that meant that any downtime would be very expensive. So we looked for an open source cloud that could give us data sovereignty and SCS compatibility, and we found it in pluscloud open.”
Stefan Gohmann
COO of Univention
Andreas Weiss:

With Gaia-X Federation Services we offer important building blocks for the operation of Gaia-X ecosystems. This also includes the presentation of specific applications in operation. For this purpose, we use the sovereign cloud stack offering from plusserver – the pluscloud open.

Andreas Weiss

Managing Director at eco – Verband der Internetwirtschaft e.V.

Some of our satisfied customers


pluscloud open is ideal for cloud-native and container workloads, scale-out systems, or dynamic web services such as Hadoop, Spark, and Elastic.

pluscloud open is available with 99.99 % SLA on a monthly average.

Only open source guarantees interoperability, transparency, and independence from third-party rights and economic or political influence. The SCS (Sovereign Cloud Stack) is an open-source alternative to proprietary cloud technology. As a founding member of the European cloud ecosystem Gaia-X, we are one of the driving forces behind the SCS and are committed to securing Europe’s independence and innovative capacity through digital sovereignty.

The integrated object storage simplifies cloud-native workflows and collaborative IaC use of pluscloud open. No additional third-party services are required. For example, you can easily distribute credentials without having to log in to the object storage separately.

  • Integration with the OpenStack permissions concept
  • Compatible with both OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3
  • Operation via CLI or GUI (Horizon)
  • Store up to 20 GB / 20,000 objects free of charge in your pluscloud open

As pluscloud open is an Infrastructure as a Service, everything related to the operation of the infrastructure is managed by plusserver. You can focus on what you want to run on your pluscloud open, while we keep the infrastructure up to date in terms of security, SCS, and OpenStack updates.
Do you need additional services beyond the provision of pluscloud open? We will be happy to actively support you on your cloud journey.

  • Consulting: If you wish, our experts can help you explore options for your individual cloud architecture – including which additional cloud services (e.g. PSKE or DBaaS) would be useful for expanding your infrastructure.
  • Onboarding: Take advantage of our structured onboarding for your pluscloud open. In a two-hour workshop, we will gladly help you set up your optimal cloud environment. Our cloud experts will show you the most important steps and functionalities and address your specific requirements.
  • Service & Support: Our dedicated service and support team is available 24/7 to assist you in case of problems.

Your needs change? No problem! The platform scales easily with your growth thanks to Easy Scaling.

Grow with the Cloud "Made in Germany"

Trust in the highest security in our certified data centers in Germany. As a founding member of Gaia-X and a BSI C5 audited provider, we offer you future-proof cloud solutions that focus on your sovereignty and innovation.

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