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As a German cloud provider, we focus entirely on the DACH region and have data centers in the most important business locations throughout Germany. This allows us to advise you personally on-site, take into account local conditions, and support you on your cloud journey. Our cloud services are based in four locations in Germany – Hamburg (2 x), Cologne, and Düsseldorf.

Here you can enjoy all the benefits of the cloud while ensuring the highest levels of data security in ISO 27001-certified data centers. Compliance with the data protection regulations of the GDPR is, of course, guaranteed. It is important to us that our data centers are as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible, which is why we use 100 percent renewable electricity.

plusserver data center in Germany

Data center Cologne (CGN3)

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Data center
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Heat exchangers
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Power supply
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Fire extinguishing system
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A region consists of several isolated, physically separated and thus redundant availability zones (AZ) within a geographic area. The distance between the regions is at least 300 kilometers. plusserver has two regions, North and West.

An availability zone is located within a region and consists of one or more data centers that share at least one common power, network, and cooling connection. An AZ is always independent of another AZ – especially in terms of power (input, distribution, UPS, backup power), network (input, routers, switches), cooling and building. The latency between AZs within the same region is <= 2ms*1.

plusserver offers multiple regions and AZs to provide you with high availability and disaster recovery options. Each AZ consists of one or more data centers. These are independently designed to provide redundancy in the event of a failure or disaster. You can choose to deploy your resources in one or more AZs for high availability and disaster recovery purposes.

Mit dem Produkt EDR as a Service sichern Sie Ihre Infrastruktur umfassend, egal ob bei Ihnen im Unternehmen, in den Homeoffices oder im Außendienst.

  • Endgeräte: Notebooks/PCs (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  • Server: Linux, Windows Server
  • Schutz Ihrer Ressourcen in der pluscloud open, pluscloud VMware oder anderen Betriebsumgebungen

Our cloud products are generally available in multiple German locations in our data centers. So you can choose where you want to use your cloud service. Another advantage of multi-region: You can implement (geo-)redundant setups and protect your workloads against the failure of one region. This increases the availability of your data and applications.

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has specified that data centers with geo-redundancy should be at least 200 kilometers apart. With plusserver, the distances are more than 300 kilometers.

Data center sustainability: Green IT

plusserver certificate 100 percent renewable energy

100 % green power

Data center operations account for a large portion of our energy consumption. However, we are committed to keeping our energy consumption as low as possible and rely 100 percent on natural energy.

Our Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is 1.35. This means that our data centers are considered highly energy efficient.

Zero Carbon Committed

VMware hat mit „Zero Carbon Committed” eine Initiative gestartet, bei der sich alle teilnehmenden Partner dazu verpflichten, bis zum Jahr 2030 ihre Rechenzentren zu 100 Prozent mit erneuerbaren Energien zu betreiben oder Klimaneutralität zu erreichen. Wir unterstützen diese Initiative, denn wir versorgen bereits heute alle unsere

Datacenter mit Strom aus erneuerbaren Energien.

What we do for energy efficient data centers

Directed airflow through hot and cold aisles

The front and back of our servers are arranged opposite each other, creating hot and cold aisles. A raised floor allows us to direct the cooling air into the cold aisle in front of the server racks. By physically separating the cooling air from the warm exhaust air, we significantly increase the cooling efficiency of the data center.

Shutting down devices that are no longer needed

This includes servers and peripherals. An in-house data center typically has more systems running than needed. The individual hardware components are not optimally utilized. With plusserver, virtualization of resources enables the best possible utilization of hardware and fast shutdown of virtual machines that are no longer needed.


High proportion of cooling energy thanks to free cooling mode

Free cooling can be achieved by bringing outside air directly into the data center through pollen filters. If the outside temperature is too high, we can switch from direct free cooling to mixed mode. A water circuit absorbs waste heat and releases it to the outside air via heat exchangers.

Ideal supply air temperature of 25°C

At this temperature, we can minimize the use of chillers and reduce the power consumption of the system’s fans when the temperature is too high.

Monitoring of all values

Monitor supply and return air temperatures with proactive alerts when set points are exceeded or not met.

Rely on cloud "Made in Germany"

Trust in the highest security in our certified data centers in Germany. As a founding member of Gaia-X, a VMware Sovereign Cloud Provider and a provider with BSI C5 testing, we offer you future-proof computing platforms that focus on your sovereignty and innovation.

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