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Workload protection: Cloud-native security

Get the latest security for your containerized and multi-cloud environment


Cloud-native security with workload protection

In container and multi-cloud environments, organizations can quickly lose track of everything. They are challenged to identify configuration issues, make connections transparent and monitor them, detect anomalous behavior early and respond in a timely manner. They also want to integrate security into their DevOps processes (DevSecOps). plusserver Workload Protection addresses all of these issues, providing visibility and protection against threats throughout the lifecycle.

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Cloud security excellence

We guide your cloud journey with best practices and customized onboarding.

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As a service model

To relieve your internal IT, plusserver operates the platform for you.

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SOC integration

Integrate workload protection with your own or plusserver’s SOC for 24/7 analytics and proactive alerts.

Workload protection features


A clear dashboard helps you inventory cloud resources and manage risk.

Container security

Workload protection includes container and image vulnerability monitoring as well as runtime protection.

Application security

Successfully implement DevSecOps using source code scans (“shift left”) and infrastructure as code scans.

Multi-cloud security

Stay secure in the multi-cloud with platform protection and monitoring of serverless functions or file storage (e.g. S3).

Posture management

Avoid or eliminate configuration errors in multi-cloud environments for increased security.


Receive notification of security-related events through multiple interfaces (email, SMS, Syslog, SIEM).

Use Cases

Bring DevOps and security together

Cloud-native applications present several challenges for security teams. Short release cycles and an increasing number of microservices make it difficult to synchronize DevOps and security. Workload protection enables the introduction of the shift left principle, so that source code is scanned for security vulnerabilities at the outset by scanning CI/CD pipelines and registries. This turns DevOps into DevSecOps and helps organizations stay ahead of the competition with their cloud-native applications.
DevOps und Security im Einklang
Compliance Vorgaben

Gain visibility into a complex environment

Meeting compliance requirements in a multi-cloud environment is more difficult as the number of cloud resources increases – but it is also more important. The increasing use of shadow IT is also a major concern. To take full advantage of multi-cloud, our workload protection dashboard gives organizations visibility into all resources and connections. In addition, you can ensure that your Kubernetes containers comply with standards such as NIST and CIS benchmarks throughout the lifecycle of your workloads.

Keep security under control

Workload protection supports your cloud security posture management (CSPM) by helping you easily track the security posture of your devices, cloud services, and networks. The effectiveness of your CSPM depends on the combination of technologies in our solution, powered by Check Point GloudGuard. Visualize and assess your security posture, detect misconfigurations, develop and actively enforce gold-standard policies, protect against attacks and insider threats, and comply with regulatory requirements and best practices-all from a single platform.
Posture Management

Workload protection pricing

We are happy to conduct a guided live demo with you upon request. All prices quoted are net plus applicable taxes and duties. Prices are subject to change. (*see FAQ for more info about assets)

Billing according to consumption (monthly)

Workload Protection9.49 € per asset*
Onboardingfrom 1,320 €
Consultingat cost

Some of our satisfied customers

360° security with plusserver

Establish security as a strategy with us. Our portfolio of cloud and IT security is constantly being expanded.

Our technology partner: Check Point

plusserver workload protection is based on Check Point’s CloudGuard solution. Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for enterprises and governments worldwide. From code to the cloud, Check Point CloudGuard provides a unified, cloud-native security solution for your applications, workloads, and network. It lets you automate cloud security, prevent threats, and manage your security posture with cloud-native speed and scalability.

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Customer testimonial

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“Our SaaS learning solution easyPLU® has to guarantee simultaneous learning for a large number of users and constantly process large amounts of live data. To achieve optimal performance while maintaining data security, we chose the plusserver Kubernetes Engine including workload protection. When setting up the Kubernetes clusters, plusserver was a competent and present partner. This was very good and helpful for our team!”
Florian Sailer
CEO Knowledge Hero


CSPM brings together a set of methods and tools to support cloud infrastructure security and compliance. Organizations want to ensure that their cloud environment is properly configured and protected. plusserver’s workload protection helps achieve this goal by providing continuous monitoring and assessment of security configurations in the cloud environment. Use it to scan, audit, and analyze your cloud resources for security vulnerabilities, inadequate access controls, unused or publicly available services, and other security issues. You can also ensure compliance with regulations and policies, such as PCI DSS, by identifying deviations and remediating violations.

Like our workload protection, a CNAPP is designed to protect cloud-native applications, and many of its features are identical. However, it often includes additional elements such as a web application firewall (WAF), DDoS protection, or bot detection. We also offer these security solutions through our broad partner ecosystem.

With workload protection, you can improve the security of Kubernetes clusters and the associated containers. For your Kubernetes security, it provides features such as access control, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, encryption, and security policies for Kubernetes environments.

The feature set of our product is equivalent to a CWPP: threat detection and mitigation, vulnerability management, access control and authentication, encryption, compliance and governance, integrated security analytics (in the Security Operations Center).

Assets can be, for example, container nodes on our plusserver Kubernetes Engine (PSKE) or on AWS. There are different weightings, so for example a PSKE container node has a value of five assets. Accordingly, five active PSKE container nodes would be charged as 25 assets per month, which equals 237.25 €. Please contact us for a detailed needs assessment and calculation.

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Trust in the highest security in our certified data centers in Germany. As a founding member of Gaia-X and a BSI C5 audited provider, we offer you future-proof cloud solutions that focus on your sovereignty and innovation.

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Daniel Graßer, Senior Director of Security Services

Daniel Graßer

Senior Director of Security Services

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