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MariaDB as a Service

With just a few clicks, you can now configure your MariaDB in the German cloud.


Get new database projects up and running in minutes

Deploy MariaDB as a managed database quickly and easily. With Managed MariaDB, you save the entire setup and can start using your MariaDB in the German cloud within minutes. All operations, including maintenance, updates and backups, and our 24/7 support are also included in the managed database offering.

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Free up your IT staff

Easily outsource routine tasks such as backup, patching, monitoring, and availability concerns.

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Maximum freedom

Your MariaDB database is available to you in minutes, and you are free to determine how long you want to use it.

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Data sovereignty

In our own certified data centers in Germany, you retain sovereignty over your data at all times.

Transparent costs

plusserver’s Managed MariaDB offers a transparent pricing structure. You only pay for what you use.

Scalable capacity

You decide how much CPU, RAM and storage you need, and you can adjust these settings at any time.


With MariaDB as a Service, you use our CloudHub to manage your database.

Read-only replicas

Add up to three RO secondary replicas to increase the performance, availability and security of your MariaDB.

Use Cases

Database migration to the cloud

Many organizations today are planning to run their databases in the cloud. There are many reasons for this: the existing hardware has reached the end of its lifecycle, the company generally wants to rely more on the cloud, and so on. However, organizations should avoid moving an existing legacy database one-to-one to the cloud. To take advantage of cloud benefits such as flexibility and scalability, a managed database that can be quickly and conveniently deployed “as a service” is a better choice. Migrating to a managed database is often an organization’s first step into the cloud. From there, additional services and applications can be moved to the cloud until a fully cloud-native setup is achieved.

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plusserver MariaDB Anwendungsfälle: IT-Projekte

On demand use of databases

Databases are often only needed for short periods of time, such as during development and testing. In such cases, deploying a database in-house is relatively time-consuming, and hardware resources need to be kept permanently available. Ideal for short-term deployment and temporary use, a database like MariaDB as a Service can be provisioned in minutes and can be terminated at any time. Organizations pay only for the resources they need.

Keep data safe in the cloud

When mission-critical systems are temporarily unavailable or data is lost due to a cyber-attack or similar incident, a database in the cloud can help keep your business running. It is an important component of a sound disaster recovery strategy. On the one hand, regular automated backups ensure that companies can fall back on their pre-incident data and use it for recovery. On the other hand, Database as a Service can provide a short-term or even long-term replacement when business-critical systems are down due to a disaster.
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Benefit from a simple, transparent pricing model without hidden costs with our Database as a Service offering. All prices quoted are net plus applicable taxes and duties. Prices are subject to change.

Billing by consumption (monthly)​

Basic Nodes (vCPU/vRAM Ratio 1:2)b2-4
0.11 €/Std
0.22 €/Std
0.44 €/Std
0.88 €/Std
1.76 €/Std
All Purpose Nodes (vCPU/vRAM Ratio 1:4)a2-8
0.15 €/Std
0.31 €/Std
0.62 €/Std
1.23 €/Std
2.46 €/Std
RAM optimized Nodes (vCPU/vRAM Ratio 1:8)r2-16
0.24 €​/Std
0.48 €​/Std
0.97 €​/Std
1.94 €/Std
Storage14.30 €/50 GB

Let's talk about MariaDB as a Service

Whatever project you want to realize, just tell us your requirements.

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You can book your database at any time through our customer portal and start using it immediately. Our offer is also suitable for time-limited projects in your company, as you benefit from a flexible term.

Among other things, you can focus on configuring content and deploying databases to more departments in your organization without increasing the workload on internal IT.

Your data in MariaDB is automatically backed up daily and seven backups are always kept. This ensures that you are quickly up and running again in the event of a failure and at the same time reduces your administrative workload.

Yes, an SSL encrypted connection is used to access your database.

Yes, there are many configuration options available:

  • Customize the node size
  • Expand the data disk
  • Customize firewall access rules
  • Define backup and patch windows
  • Configure database parameters
  • Add and remove up to three RO replicas

You can choose between MariaDB 10.6 and MariaDB 10.11.

You can find the documentation here.

Grow with the Cloud "Made in Germany"

Trust in the highest security in our certified data centers in Germany. As a founding member of Gaia-X and a BSI C5 audited provider, we offer you future-proof cloud solutions that focus on your sovereignty and innovation.

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