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Digitalization needs the cloud. No doubt about it. Yet data security in cloud computing still raises many questions.

How secure is your data in the cloud?

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), Bitkom and many other experts agree: the IT security situation in Germany is worse than ever. This fact is the biggest obstacle to cloud-based IT modernization. Many IT decision makers are reluctant to move to the cloud because it requires relocating business-critical data to external cloud data centers. However, according to IDC’s “Data Sovereignty in the Cloud – Requirements, Potential and Challenges,” the cloud is expected to bring many data security opportunities along with the challenges. Now is the time to address concerns and uncertainties, and demonstrate a strategy for combining IT modernization and cloud security to achieve digitalization goals – even in an era of IT skills shortages

Myths and truths about security in cloud computing

The cloud provider is certified, that's enough

Cloud providers are responsible for the security and availability of cloud resources. They take care of the infrastructure in the data center, the virtualization layer and in some cases (e.g. Platform as a Service) also the operating system. Certifications or attestations such as BSI C5 confirm that providers have implemented the necessary security measures in their area of responsibility. The customer is generally responsible for all other layers, i.e. their own data and applications “in” the cloud. This is due to the principle of shared responsibility in a public cloud. A separate security concept is therefore required.

Cybersecurity does not contribute to business goals

Cybersecurity is still often viewed as an annoying cost center, overlooking the fact that it has a direct impact on a company’s digitalization and competitiveness. It is essential to protect business-critical data from unauthorized access, maintain the availability of digital offerings, preserve customer confidence, and prevent financial loss.

We can't afford security in cloud computing

It is true that a tight budget and a lack of specialists can be a stumbling block in the creation and implementation of a security strategy. However, even a high-end solution such as a Security Operations Center can be implemented by any organization if it is consumed “as a service”. This means that neither in-house analysts nor security specialists are required, nor does a SIEM platform need to be purchased and operated.

Facts and figures about security in cloud computing

A successful cyberattack can shut down a company’s IT and thus its entire production – for hours, days or weeks,” wrote the digital industry association Bitkom in a press release on the occasion of its latest cyber situation report. We will be happy to share our insights on how to prevent such disasters and give you a roadmap for secure IT modernization. Just contact us!
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see IT security and compliance as a top challenge in cloud computing.

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are also concerned about data protection.

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cite increased IT security as the top reason for adopting the cloud.

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report that the cloud is a resiliency enabler for their business.

Source: IDC white paper “Data Sovereignty in the Cloud”, January 2023

360° security in cloud computing

From consulting services to integrating your tools to analyzing incoming messages in the Security Operations Center – we offer a holistic view of cloud security. Contact us to get a one-stop solution for your unique needs.

Securing your data with plusserver

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Holistic approach

Individual modules for a quick start to cloud security or a comprehensive solution with SOC integration? Our 360° portfolio meets your unique security needs.
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High level of certification

Our cloud platforms are tested according to BSI C5 Type-II. This demonstrates the high level of security of our infrastructure.

Partner ecosystem

Together with strong partners, we support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your sustainable security strategy.
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Made in Germany

We operate our cloud and security platforms exclusively in our own certified data centers in Germany.
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24/7 support in Germany

We round off our as-a-service solutions with fast and personal support in German and English.

Data Sovereignty

Security and data sovereignty are inseparable. With plusserver, you get both.

Rely on cloud security "Made in Germany"

Trust in the highest level of security in our certified data centers in Germany. As a founding member of Gaia-X, we offer you future-proof computing platforms that focus on your sovereignty and innovation.

Got questions about data security in cloud computing?

To learn more about how you can overcome cybersecurity challenges and securely modernize your IT, just send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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