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Online security using DDoS mitigation

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The latest DDoS facts

The new Akamai report „State of the Internet / Security” informs about the latest DDoS trends based on statistics and insights from the last quarter.

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Our solutions for efficient DDoS protection

Effective protection against attacks from the internet

Protect your hosted infrastructure against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks with the help of effective DDoS mitigation solutions. We offer you two different product variants so that you can choose the right option for your needs. The DDoS mitigation service from our premium partner Akamai can be added to the hosting environment.

With our Dedicated DDoS Mitigation, however, we integrate dedicated hardware into your hosting environment to filter malicious traffic. Both solutions offer you powerful automated protection against DDoS attacks on your hosting infrasctructure.

Downtime Cost Calculator

What is the cost of downtime for your company?

Many companies are unaware of the actual financial loss that is involved with the temporary loss of their online infrastructure. The experts at the Gartner blog speak of an average of 5,600 dollars a minute - but there are big differences depending on the business size and the dependency on the online business.

Our cost calculator can help you bring some light into the darkness. Just enter some values and you can see in real time how your cost evolves in the course of a downtime.

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Lost Sales
Lost Productivity
Downtime cost
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We will be pleased to inform you about highly available infrastructures as well as efficient protection against cybercrime.


  • Transparent protection against DDoS attacks
  • Relief of the load on the server platform
  • Operation of a DDoS mitigation solution by PlusServer
  • Optional redundant design for maximum availability
  • Continuous updating and immediate replacement of defective hardware
  • Improved availability and performance
  • Client-specific DDoS ruleset (policy)
  • Reduction of downtime cost and operational risk
  • Increase of accessibility
  • Guaranteed availability of up to 99.95 % (monthly average)

Overview of DDoS Mitigation solutions


Dedicated DDoS mitigation

  • Dedicated hardware entity
  • RioRey RE2010 or RE4010
  • Mitigation in the data centre with max. 1 Gbps per system
  • Integration as a gateway combined with load balancing / firewalling


Business DDoS mitigation
Akamai Kona DDoS Defender

  • Managed service from the Akamai network
  • DNS redirect for incoming traffic
  • Billing by (clean) traffic volume
  • Mitigation outside the data centre with variable bandwidth
BSI certification

BSI certification

Security has always been a priority for us. This is why our data centre in Dusseldorf has been certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in accordance with IT basic protection/ISO 27001 since September 2009. The certification confirms the quality of our work and also allows us to continue to verify it in line with official standards.

Your advantages

  • Highest possible availability
  • Better protection against outside attacks (hackers, DoS attack, defacement, etc.)
  • Optimal security, even with sensitive data and the highest requirements
  • Neutral and independent certification body confirms the level of security.