Cloud Consulting

Cloud consulting

Benefit from our expertise in cloud strategy, implementation and optimization

  • From cloud readiness to transformation and optimization
  • Customized solution concepts
  • Pre-project workshops
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The right cloud roadmap to make your digital projects a success

Do you lack the necessary capacity, knowledge or experience to start your digital projects in the cloud? Or have you already started your cloud journey and now want a review of your previous activities? With our cloud consulting services, we support you in developing and implementing the right strategy.


Cloud consulting from plusserver – your advantages at a glance


As a trusted advisor, we provide objective recommendations. In doing so, we take into account the skills of your employees, strategic requirements for one or more cloud providers, and the actual workload.

Cloud expertise

plusserver advises you in every phase of your cloud journey: cloud readiness, cloud transformation, operations, and cloud optimization.

Knowledge transfer

Our "Pre-Project Workshop" for initial analysis and further roadmap recommendation offers an easy start. In addition, individual employee training, strategy workshops, etc. are possible.


Architecture reviews and performance analyses show concrete measures and recommendations on which areas can be optimized for more performance and less costs.

Future viability

Our expertise consistently relies on technologies such as CI/CD, Platform as a Service (PaaS), Serverless and Infrastructure as Code (IaC).


Cloud consulting services to suit your needs

Strategic consultation

We show you which aspects you need to consider when developing your cloud strategy. Together, we develop a suitable cloud roadmap that lays out the next steps.

Implementation advice

If you already have a roadmap and are basically cloud-ready, but you still face the challenge of technical implementation, we would be happy to support you and draw up corresponding recommendations for implementation.

Optimization advice

If you are already operating a workload in the cloud, but want to optimize various parameters, such as performance, security, automation, costs, etc., we've got you covered.

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Managed Services
Through sequential management levels, we ensure that you can transfer as much control as you want at any time. From pure infrastructure management to complete administration.
Multi-cloud means relying on more than one public cloud provider. Increased performance and fail-safety can be reasons for a multi-cloud.
Hybrid Cloud
A hybrid cloud offers the possibility of extending a company's own private cloud with flexible resources from a public cloud.
Managed Cloud
Managed cloud service providers relieve companies of routine tasks and enable optimal cloud utilization right from the start.
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