Cloud Security Solutions

Confidentiality, availability and integrity for your business-critical data in the cloud - with plussecurity

  • Fully comprehensive cloud security solutions
  • Comprehensive protection against DDoS, DNS, malware and phishing attacks
  • Monitoring and analysis of vulnerabilities
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We manage your cloud security

In addition to our cloud solutions, we offer comprehensive services relating to security and cybersecurity. The volume and intensity of criminal activity on the Internet is steadily rising; companies face increased risk of financial and image losses as a result of DDoS attacks, hacking or data theft. Our solutions keep you on the safe side. Our security concept considers both our internal controls and procedures, as well as all security services for our customers.

Death, taxes, cybersecurity

plussecurity from plusserver – your benefits at a glance

Versatile security

plussecurity helps you effectively avoid data loss or information leaks, minimize the risk of deliberate attacks, monitor your entire data flow as well as access to the data and applications, and helps protect your systems against excessive and harmful traffic.

Everything from a single source

Rather than looking for a separate service provider for each security issue, you will find a wide range of security products at plussecurity.

The right shielding

Our firewall products filter out harmful or unwanted traffic to proactively protect your valuable data from hacking or theft.

Security + fast data

A useful addition to your cloud solution, a CDN (Content Delivery Network) provides a global network of nodes in order to deliver data faster and reduce the impact of DDoS attacks.

Premium partners

We are working with top partners from the cloud security sector such as Akamai, Link11, Kudelski and NeuVector.


Security Scanner

Our Scanner offers you an efficient vulnerability management to help protect your data and applications against access, theft and manipulation by third parties.

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24/7 all-round monitoring of your cloud solutions and systems. All security alerts are analyzed using state-of-the-art technology (SIEM), while the staff in the SOC respond directly to any anomalies and reports.

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DDoS Protection

Leverage DDoS mitigation from leading cloud security solution providers. We protect websites and applications against attacks and provide many other security tools.

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EDR as a Service

EDR as a Service provides immediate protection against cybercrime, even without in-house specialists. Our Endpoint Detection and Response is based on ESET.

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Managed Cloud
Managed cloud service providers relieve companies of routine tasks and enable optimal cloud utilization right from the start.
Security in the cloud
Today, using a cloud is as commonplace as getting electricity from a wall socket. But like any technical system that runs value-creating business processes, the cloud is vulnerable.
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