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Our DDoS protection for your security

DDoS protection is an absolute must in today’s online business world – regardless of the size or industry of your company. As attacks on websites and applications via the Internet are numerous, constantly increasing and adapting to current defense methods, plusserver offers you a wide and comprehensive portfolio of professional solutions to protect you against DDoS attacks. This prevents loss of revenue, data, and reputation, as well as production downtime due to cybercriminal attacks.

DDoS protection

DDoS protection from plusserver - your benefits at a glance

Leading solution providers

We work with leading cloud security providers in the field of DDoS mitigation to offer you a wide range of professional solutions.

Comprehensive mitigation

Many solutions not only ensure your website is protected against DDoS, but also ward off application-level attacks.

Wide range

With a variety of cloud-based DDoS protection products, we look forward to accommodating your individual requirements.

Economic benefits

With DDoS mitigation, reduce the risk of downtime for your business-critical web services, applications, and systems.


Web Application Protector (WAP)

Fully automated web application firewall (WAF) and DDoS protection to protect web applications.

Kona Site Defender (KSD)

WAF and DDoS protection for applications and interfaces (APIs) to meet the most stringent requirements.

Edge DNS

Protects DNS servers against DDoS attacks: high availability and performance as well as round-the-clock reliability.

Prolexic & Shared Prolexic

Leverage fully managed DDoS protection that combines proactive defense with the Akamai Security Operations Center (SOC). Also available as an economical shared variant.

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