Dedicated Storage

The dedicated storage system for your data

  • Easy access
  • Highly available with dual controller and redundancies
  • Storage arrays located in Germany
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Dedicated storage servers for valuable business data

Our dedicated data storage solution leaves nothing to be desired: We provide you with a high-performance dedicated storage system, and you decide on the structure and configuration according to your requirements.

The storage arrays we use as dedicated storage offer outstanding performance for a wide range of applications such as storage consolidation and virtualization. A new controller architecture with powerful processors accelerates access to your data. By default, we configure all dedicated storage systems as dual-controller arrays. Together with a redundant power supply and network connection as well as the corresponding RAID level, these provide the necessary redundancy for high availability.


Dedicated Storage from plusserver - your benefits at a glance

Full performance

Get the full performance of your dedicated storage system with NVMe.

High availability

Rely on dual-controller arrays as well as redundancy in connectivity and power supply to ensure your important data is always accessible.

Minimal effort

plusserver takes care of the complete operation for you and ensures 24/7 that your dedicated storage is always up to date.

Top security

We offer security concepts according to the highest industry standards. Our data centers are certified (e.g. ISO 27001) and secured against physical and virtual attacks.

Strict data privacy

GDPR-compliant German data sites offer a level of data protection that meets even the strict compliance requirements of banks.

Flexible and compatible

Dedicated Storage supports a variety of protocols: Fibre Channel, ISCSI, NFS, CIFS/SMB.


The snapshot feature provides optimal data integrity and ransomware protection.

Ransomware detection

Intelligent monitoring to detect ransomware attacks and plan countermeasures.

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