BaFin-compliant cloud solutions for the financial industry

Compliance with strict security standards and data protection

  • Secure cloud solutions for BaFin-regulated banks and financial service providers
  • High reliability and availability thanks to geo-redundant data centers
  • 24/7 service and monitoring

Digital sovereignty and regulatory compliance for the financial industry

Digital sovereignty is the ability to act and make decisions independently in the digital space and requires data and technology sovereignty. This is quite a challenging task, as banks and financial service providers process extremely sensitive data. The industry is thus also subject to a strict legal and regulatory framework. Implementing the complex requirements is cost and time intensive.

Cloud computing and the use of cloud services are an excellent way of addressing the challenges in a secure and flexible way – without running the risk of costs getting out of hand or risks being neglected.


Why have a cloud that complies with regulatory requirements?

Banks and financial service providers operate in a difficult regulatory environment, as they are exposed to particularly high risks. Strict security standards and data protection are given top priority. The industry must therefore comply with the comprehensive requirements of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Infringement of the requirements could significantly damage the reputation of a financial services provider and ultimately result in withdrawal of its BaFin license.

Our portfolio enables the use of cloud services under a legally compliant standard outsourcing contract. The cloud services comply with the requirements of BaFin, which are formulated in the “Guidance with outsourcing to cloud provider” document. Our services, of course, also meet all the requirements arising from supervisory law and legislation, including:

  • the minimum requirements regarding risk management and
  • the German banking supervisory requirements for IT (BAIT).


BaFin-compliant hosting from plusserver – your advantages at a glance

As one of the leading managed cloud service providers and a founding member of Gaia-X, plusserver provides you support and advice with your digital transformation. We also offer cloud solutions that meet the different requirements imposed by BaFin, the GDPR or other compliance-relevant specifications. Our services can be tailored specifically to your requirements.

Security and data protection

Your data is stored in highly secure ISO-27001 certified German data centers in compliance with GDPR. Optional geo-redundant distribution and professional emergency management ensure maximum failure protection.

Cost savings

Significantly more efficient use of resources reduces your IT expenses for infrastructure, computing power and storage capacity. Positive economies of scale in maintenance and administration also contribute to this.


Compliance with legal requirements such as MaRisk, BAIT and EBA guidelines, as well as annual auditing of the service-related internal control system.


Flexible and highly scalable IT resources to boost computing and storage capacities as needed and also as a precondition for using data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Competitive advantages from cloud transformation

You can upgrade your legacy IT at your own pace. Benefit from our best practices to modernize your IT step by step and make it fit for the future.

Reduce the pressure on your IT department

In addition to dedicated setups that culminate in a private cloud, we also offer the option of operating your existing IT as a colocation in our highly secure data centers.

Personal service

We know our customers personally and provide tailored, in-depth support via our service management team.

Our solution portfolio for
BaFin-regulated customers

Based on our pluscloud platform, we have developed a BaFin-compliant solution portfolio for the financial industry. All the data and applications are stored exclusively in certified data centers in Germany. As plusserver is a German company, it is not subject to the US CLOUD Act (which allows the U.S. government to access data hosted by a U.S. corporation in certain cases, even if said data is stored in Europe).

We leverage geo-redundant solutions in multiple data centers, allowing our customers to benefit from highly available and fail-safe cloud architectures and services. Our portfolio includes the option of an offsite backup. We look forward to setting up just the right solution to meet your requirements.

To meet different requirements, our solution portfolio essentially comprises three components that you can combine to suit your needs:

Cloud architecture
We develop just the right cloud architecture for you based on our pluscloud, with GDPR-compliant hosting in data centers in Germany.

Security products
Benefit from a wide range of security products (DDoS, DNS protection, protection against malware and phishing attacks, vulnerability scanner, etc.).

Managed services
You receive a comprehensive service package with in-depth support from experienced service managers who help you create reports or even supervise audits.

Do you want to know more about our cloud solutions? 

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Multi-Cloud Platform
With centralized multi-cloud management, a broad tool stack and 24/7 tech support, allows you to fully focus on your core business.
pluscloud v
Use a flexible and freely scalable public cloud infrastructure in several certified German data centers. Here, your data is secure and GDPR-compliant at all times.
Cloud Security
We offer comprehensive cloud security and cybersecurity services. Our security concept takes into account our internal controls and procedures as well as all security services for our customers.
Multi-cloud means relying on more than one public cloud provider. Increased performance and fail-safety can be reasons for a multi-cloud.
Hybrid Cloud
A hybrid cloud offers the possibility of extending a company's own private cloud with flexible resources from a public cloud.
Private Cloud
For many companies, a private cloud is the compromise between flexibility and control - whether in their own data center or with a managed cloud provider.
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