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  • Cross-location solutions
  • Secure data exchange
  • Supply chain management in the cloud

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In logistics, it is becoming increasingly important to use digital technologies to manage complex, cross-company processes. Challenges include optimized supply chain management, warehouse and intralogistics, as well as the seamless exchange of information with business partners and customers. With the increasing need for digital interfaces, the importance of IT infrastructure is also growing. It must above all ensure secure cross-site data exchange.


Cloud solutions for logistics from plusserver – your advantages at a glance

Supply chain management

Failsafe IT infrastructures that enable the seamless exchange of data across multiple locations and support mobile solutions for the fleet.


Secure connections with customers and partners. Storage of sensitive data in highly secure cloud resources in German data centers.


In the pluscloud, you can freely define the computing power and storage space of each individual system. Flexible scaling is possible at any time and you can easily add further cloud resources.

Future viability

For example, adding complete big data and IoT solutions in the public clouds AWS or Google Cloud in order to analyze business-critical data or big data in real time.

Cloud and IoT experience

We provide you with advice on cloud and IoT topics and create your customized cloud roadmap or cater to your IoT needs through sphinx open online on pluscloud.

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Case Study Private Cloud // CargoLine
A private cloud solution ensures high availability of online applications at CargoLine.
Multi-Cloud Platform
With centralized multi-cloud management, a broad tool stack and 24/7 tech support, allows you to fully focus on your core business.
pluscloud VMware
Use a flexible and freely scalable public cloud infrastructure in several certified German data centers. Here, your data is secure and GDPR-compliant at all times.
Ihr Multi-Cloud Data Service Provider
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