Managed cloud services save resources 

Lacking expertise or staff to manage IT infrastructures? The answer: managed cloud services. Focus fully on core business. For you and your employees.

The high frequency of innovation that accompanies the digitalization of business processes demands fast, scalable and flexible IT solutions, competent employees, and in-depth experience with handling these processes.

A good managed cloud service provider offers you all of this: expertise and taking the load off your IT team. The service should solve all your digital IT challenges plus deliver an infrastructure that fully and dynamically meets your needs. Companies gain decisive competitive advantages today by responding as quickly as possible to current requirements and creating personalized customer experiences.

36 percent of respondents say that faster project implementation is the key argument in favor of a managed service. (IDG study: Managed Services 2020)

You can also say goodbye to the complexity that comes with a multitude of contacts, methods and processes – managed cloud services (ideally) mean: one point of contact and everything from a single source.

From A to Z and around the clock

A managed cloud provider covers the full bandwidth of services, from needs analysis and customized planning to the implementing of the cloud concept. We design your managed cloud to suit your requirements on request and take care of migration, operation and ongoing optimization to ensure that your business applications always run smoothly.

What types of managed cloud are available?

Companies that go for a managed cloud solution can choose between private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud. With a private cloud, companies make use of the hardware and thus the complete service exclusively. With a public cloud, companies purchase only the resources they actually need, while sharing the hardware with other companies. A hybrid cloud, e.g., combining public and private clouds, makes sense when sensitive data and processes must be separated. Multi-cloud strategies are another option to keep a company from being too dependent on a single provider (vendor lock-in). Which solution is ideal ultimately depends on the use case and the specific requirements and is best explored together with your provider.

Managed Cloud Services can take pressure off of IT departments

The perfect managed cloud – designed for you

Take on the digital challenges with plusserver and secure decisive competitive advantages for your company: Our managed cloud service offers you exactly the agility and scalability that you need to meet those challenges. You can even combine several clouds or integrate your existing IT into a hybrid cloud.

Public cloud

Quick, flexible and inexpensive access to standardized IT resources, for example to easily test or make available new applications and business models.

Private cloud

Top-level compliance, local security thanks to data centers in your region, and in-house control over performance.

Hybrid cloud

Flexible and secure introduction to the cloud. Run your in-house IT together with public cloud services. Without compromising compliance.

Multi cloud

Managing different or multiple clouds. Although cloud orchestration in multi-cloud management requires in-depth cloud expertise, it also offers most of the benefits of a multi-dimensional setup.

Concentrate on the essentials

The IT departments of our clients benefit from our managed cloud, which saves them valuable resources that they can use more efficiently for their core business. Thanks to our certified data centers in Germany, moreover, not only you are on the safe side, but your data are too. Compliant with the strict GDPR regulations and armed against external attacks through a wide range of security services. Reliable protection and failure safety from PlusServer for your company.


ISG Provider Lens™ 2022 - Managed Public Cloud
Find out how the German managed public cloud market is developing and what you should know about it as an IT decision-maker.
pluscloud v
Use a flexible and freely scalable public cloud infrastructure in several certified German data centers. Here, your data is secure and GDPR-compliant at all times.
Microsoft Azure
The extensive ecosystem of Microsoft Azure brings companies numerous advantages. We take care of the planning, operation and optimization of your public cloud for you.
Google Cloud Platform
The Google Cloud offers a wide range of infrastructure, platform and software services. We offer you a plus in management and support services around the clock.
Simply use AWS and leave the 24/7 operation of your environment to us - including monitoring and incident handling.
Managed Services
Through sequential management levels, we ensure that you can transfer as much control as you want at any time. From pure infrastructure management to complete administration.
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