Cloud solutions for Industry 4.0

Benefits of the cloud for the digitalization of industrial production

  • Lower costs and better performance
  • New digital markets
  • Increased efficiency thanks to smart factories

Flexible cloud solutions for current industry trends

Collaboration across multiple sites, progressive automation of all processes, the shift of workloads into the cloud – both medium-sized and large companies are going through exciting upheavals and modernizations.

Systems and internal processes are interconnected in the course of digitalization and provide transparency about their manufacturing processes. This then forms the basis for optimizing processes and customer service. From this point on, a company is ready to take the final step towards digitalization: data-based business models and smart services – this is where added value is created for customers as well as new revenue potential and sales markets for the provider.

Transparency thanks to digital twins

Digital twins can be leveraged to digitally simulate products, processes or machines, thus allowing companies to test the suitability of these objects in advance, regardless of whether they are planning a single process or an entire production facility. A digital twin provides information that can also be used to continuously optimize the production processes during ongoing operations. The data even helps with predictive maintenance or servicing of the machines.

Avoiding downtime

Predictive maintenance helps reduce costs for spare parts as well as unplanned downtime. To achieve this, mechanisms of the IoT work together with data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

This also means that an IT infrastructure that runs smoothly is becoming more and more important on route to the smart factory. We will take over the operation of your technical backbone and ensure round-the-clock availability. Thanks to Cloud Managed Services and an advantageous service level agreement, your business applications will always be available with the best performance.

IoT, big data, pluscloud VMware and the smart factory

Speaking of smart factories – they are only truly smart if their IoT system is optimally configured and networked, allowing you to analyze, link and use big data in a highly efficient manner. PlusServer provides this efficiency, since we offer you everything from a single source: infrastructure, consulting, solutions, competence and service. This allows you to save IT resources and spare your budget, since instead of investing a lot of capital in hardware, you pay only for what you actually use in the pluscloud VMware.


Cloud solutions for Industry 4.0 from plusserver – your advantages at a glance

Future viability

Freely scalable infrastructure and storage and processing location for large amounts of data for the IoT.


Highly secure cloud resources in German data centers. Geo-redundant sites and disaster recovery solutions additionally ensure continuous availability of important data and applications.

Cost savings

The flexible on-demand cloud model means you only ever use and pay for the resources you actually need. In addition, you save personnel costs with regard to the care and maintenance of the data center and server infrastructure.

SAP expertise

Move business-critical applications, such as your SAP system, to our multi-cloud platform and take the load off your internal IT.

Value creation

Companies that leverage IoT reinforce and enhance their value creation thanks to data-based insights and new services. Whether migration, conception or realization – your IoT platform rests in professional hands with us.

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sphinx open online on pluscloud is a turnkey solution that lets you collect, link, analyze and visualize your valuable device data.
pluscloud VMware
Use a flexible and freely scalable public cloud infrastructure in several certified German data centers. Here, your data is secure and GDPR-compliant at all times.
Multi-Cloud Platform
With centralized multi-cloud management, a broad tool stack and 24/7 tech support, allows you to fully focus on your core business.
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