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Cloud solutions Industry 4.0

How the Cloud is driving the digitalisation of industrial production

  • Multi-cloud platform plus.io – optimised for industry
  • sphinx open online – a comprehensive IoT solution
  • Agile application acceleration through managed Kubernetes
  • Comprehensive security thanks to the plussecurity portfolio

Flexible cloud solutions for current industry trends

Collaboration across multiple sites, progressive automation of all processes, the shift of workloads into the cloud – both medium-sized and large companies are currently experiencing a series of exciting upheavals and modernisations. This, however, means that a smoothly functioning IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly important.

We are happy to support you in this challenge: we will take over the operation of your technical backbone and ensure availability around the clock. This allows you to confidently relocate your business-critical applications – for example, your ERP – to our multi-cloud platform plus.io and relieve your internal IT department of server and database maintenance. Thanks to managed services and an advantageous service level agreement, your business applications will always be available with the best performance.

Start your digital future with us – we would be pleased to advise you:

  • Efficient IoT with
    sphinx open online on pluscloud
  • Hybrid infrastructures, from “on-premises” to the cloud
  • Scalable solutions for things such as big data scenarios

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sphinx open online –
The innovative IoT platform

Mit sphinx open online on pluscloud bieten wir Ihnen eine leistungsfähige IoT-Cloud-Lösung, mit der Sie alle Prozessschritte und Maschinen im Blick behalten können, um umgehend auf Veränderungen zu reagieren. So reduzieren Sie Ausfallzeiten, optimieren Ihre Prozesse, bleiben wettbewerbsfähig und sparen langfristig Kosten.

More on sphinx open online on the pluscloud

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IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things

IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things

Networking devices and resources in a productive company should allow for the continuous exchange of data between production and business applications, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). As a storage and processing location for the large amount of data that comes with the IIoT, the cloud has a high-performance and freely scalable infrastructure for processing and storing a large volume of data.

The fact that the cloud offers complete IIoT platforms further increases its importance for the industrial sector. In addition to the necessary software, these also include the so-called edge, i.e. the first collection and processing point for data.



The more machines are networked together and the more data is sent back and forth between them, the greater scope there is for cybercriminals to attack. At the same time, the manufacturing industry is particularly vulnerable if unauthorised people intervene in production or steal industrial data. It is therefore imperative to consider the risks of Industry 4.0 on your path to becoming an intelligent factory. We support you with highly secure cloud resources in German data centres to meet your data security and data protection requirements. Geo-redundant locations and disaster recovery solutions also ensure that important data and applications are continually available.



It is not possible to change processes and infrastructures within a company without the required investment. In order for machines in the value chain to be able to communicate with one another, new software, sensors and IT resources are needed to process the information. Thanks to the flexible on-demand model used for the cloud, companies only ever use and pay for the resources they actually need. There are also numerous economies of scale with regard to the care and maintenance of data centre and server infrastructure, which reduces things such as personnel costs.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

“Predictive maintenance” helps to reduce costs for spare parts, as well as unplanned downtime. To achieve this, IIoT mechanisms work together with data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Industrial companies can obtain the corresponding computing and storage capacity in any dimensions from the cloud as required to take into account all of the data sources involved.

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