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Case Study Multi-Cloud // Krones

Case Study Multi-Cloud // Krones

Increasing data volume and global rollout: Read in the case study how Krones AG mastered these challenges with the help of a multi-cloud.

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IT infrastructures for current industry trends

Collaboration across multiple sites, progressive automation of all processes, the shift of workloads into the cloud due to economic considerations - both medium-sized and large companies are currently experiencing a series of exciting upheavals and modernisations.

This also means that an IT infrastructure which runs smoothly is becoming more and more important. We are happy to support you in this challenge: we will take over the operation of your technical backbone and ensure availability of our products around the clock.

This allows you to confidently relocate your business-critical applications - for example, your ERP - to our infrastructure and relieve your internal IT department of server and database maintenance. Due to managed services and an advantageous service level agreement, your business applications will always be available with the best performance.

Our advantages for industry

  • CDN services
  • Hybrid setups
  • Routing PI-IPs and own ASNs
  • Combining colocation and managed services
  • Separate fire compartments and geo-redundancy

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Success Story Branche Industrie


In fact, the relocation of the system was an easy project. The collaboration with PlusServer was straightforward and effective. The agreed deadlines and quality were strictly adhered to. Michael Jorissen, Head of IT and Organisation, Renault

Buying a car no longer just takes place at the car dealership. The Internet is gaining in importance as a platform for orders, information and communication. Renault Deutschland AG regularly makes intensive use of the Internet to provide its dealers with rapid support in the sales process. Since May 2007, Renault Deutschland AG has been hosting its customer relationship management system (CRM) for its 450 participating car dealerships with PlusServer.

As their mission-critical application, Renault chose a high-availability cluster comprising two active dedicated servers. In normal operation, one cluster node acts as a web server, the other as a database server. For maintenance work, or in the event of a hardware defect, both services can be transferred either manually or automatically to another server. In this case, one server takes over all the tasks and the Renault dealers can continue to use their CRM system without interruptions. In order to be able to directly test new operating system patches and new versions of the application, there is also a test server in the Renault system environment that is operated independently of the cluster.

As Renault uses PostgreSQL as the database for its dealer application, this was installed by PlusServer technicians prior to migration of the application, and Tomcat also installed as the application server for the relevant Java application.

Case Study Renault

Case Study Renault


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Content Delivery Network

A CDN provides globally-operating companies with the necessary rapid worldwide availability of data. In addition, it allows for increase security against DDoS attacks.

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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud models are particularly well-suited to continued use of existing resources while at the same time accelerating digitisation.

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Data centres

Data centres

We operate seven data centres in Germany and thus offer managed hosting or colocation in your area. Geo-redundant setups can also be arranged.

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