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Managed MySQL

  • Installation, configuration and administration
  • Managed database replication
  • Database migration to the cloud
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Managed MySQL: Hosting and operation from a single source

The MySQL database management system is the most popular open source database and is used around the world to create dynamic web pages.

With Managed MySQL, we make sure your MySQL-based applications always run smoothly and efficiently.

Unused data is like a stagnating pool of water

Managed MySQL from plusserver – your advantages at a glance

Everything from a single source

Managed MySQL database: We install, configure and manage your MySQL databases and answer all your questions on this subject.

MySQL expertise

Whether setting up primary and secondary nodes, scale-out solutions or supporting replication frameworks – we have many years of experience in this area.

Optimal availability

To increase availability, we offer database replication services as well as migration to the cloud.

Reducing your workload

We take over not only the operation, but also the hosting.

Managed MySQL Hosting im Detail

  • 1. Installation
  • 2. Configuration
  • 3. Administration

1. Installation

  • We prepare the server for application service
  • We install MySQL
  • Monitoring can be set up, depending on the service level

2. Configuration

  • We configure MySQL (TCP ports, IP address allocation, option SSL encryption)
  • Monitoring
  • Database replication (if booked)
  • Database backups

3. Administration

  • Restart/stop/start services
  • Security updates by updating the operating system during support timeframes (security patches for the relevant operating system)
  • Failover combined with Application Management - MySQL Replication
  • Monitoring of replicas


For optimal availability:
Managed Database Replication

To increase the security and availability of your MySQL database, we will be happy to set up an asynchronous MySQL replication (so-called primary-secondary replication) for you.

In doing so, your central database is relieved by way of additional nodes for which read-only access is possible. Disaster recovery scenarios can also be realised with this setup: in the event of a failure, one of the secondary nodes can temporarily take over the primary role (with full read and write access).

Our Managed MySQL Replication Services:

Setup of the MySQL Primary and Secondary Nodes including initial data synchronisation

Scale-out solutions and optimised backup nodes (backup on the secondary node to relieve the primary)

Floating IP for manual switch over to secondary node

Support for the replication framework (depending on the management level)

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