Dedicated Server 

For companies that rely on full performance and compliance for sensitive workloads

  • Powerful dedicated servers
  • Secure data centers in Germany
  • Ensuring strict IT compliance
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Dedicated brand servers, certified data centers, professional services

Make use of our alternative to “on-premise,” if you have particularly high data protection, data security and compliance requirements. Dedicated servers in our German data centers handle both extensive and sensitive workloads. Relieve the burden on your internal IT department and place the infrastructural operation of your dedicated server in professional hands. plusdedicated offers you exactly the right dedicated server hosting benefits.


Dedicated servers from plusserver – your benefits at a glance


We meet particularly high data protection, data security and compliance requirements.


We ensure optimal availability of all components around the clock in our data centers in Germany and offer dedicated servers with the configuration of your choice.


plusdedicated offers you lots of combination and connectivity options – for example to our pluscloud.

Reducing your workload

We take care of the IT resources behind your digital applications – and can also take care of the applications themselves.


Our dedicated servers offer you the full hardware performance for sophisticated applications.


Future-proof positioning with dedicated servers and

In the digital age, customer and market requirements are increasing and require the constant adaptation of your digital products and services. Your IT needs to grow constantly with them. So expand your IT infrastructure in the cloud easily and as required.

As gives you a direct and secure connection to flexible cloud resources in the pluscloud, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud, you can continue to use dedicated resources for particularly sensitive workloads and, for example, run your customer-focused applications, such as the company website, customer app or online shop, in a scalable way in the cloud.

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Managed Services
Through sequential management levels, we ensure that you can transfer as much control as you want at any time. From pure infrastructure management to complete administration.
pluscloud open
pluscloud open is a data-sovereign open source cloud. Always keep control of your data and applications at GDPR-compliant cloud locations in Germany and thus secure your ability to innovate.
Operating your own data center is not an option for you, but you would like to use your own hardware? Then colocation is the right choice for you. With us also with optional cloud connection.
Cloud Security
We offer comprehensive cloud security and cybersecurity services. Our security concept takes into account our internal controls and procedures as well as all security services for our customers.
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