S3 Storage

Your affordable object storage in the German cloud

plusstorage S3 is a cost-effective, highly scalable object storage solution offering maximum availability and optional georedundancy.
Customers with high compliance requirements benefit from DSGVO-compliant data storage in Germany and maximum security - also thanks to Object Lock. 
Use S3 plusstorage as a cost-effective pay-as-you-go solution for your data storage in the cloud. Benefit from unlimited scaling and flexibility. 

  • Your Storage with Object Lock - without traffic costs
  • Transparent billing according to storage volume
  • Fail-safe and DSGVO-compliant data storage in Germany
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S3 Storage as a Service: Your advantages


Arbitrarily scalable, flexible and compatible

Benefit from a hyperscale data structure for scaling up to infinite petabytes. The S3 standard makes it possible to interact with many other storage solutions that are also S3-compatible.


Relieve the load on your systems

By outsourcing storage, you reduce the risk of overloading your infrastructure or putting business-critical data at risk of failure.


Low cost

Store any amount of data and pay only for the storage space you use. S3 requests and data transfer are always free with our Object Storage.


Easy to use

Manage your data easily via an S3-compatible API or the intuitive web interface. This gives you maximum flexibility and ensures that you always have an overview.


Data sovereignty

Your data remains where you have stored it. On systems operated by us in German data centers. This means that our object storage also meets your compliance requirements.



Use our Selfservice with plusstorage S3 - fast, easy and reliable. After setup and set-up everything fully automatic, without bureaucracy or effort.

S3 Object Storage: Features

Object Lock

Object Lock allows objects to not be deleted or overwritten for a specified period of time or indefinitely. Use Object Lock to add another level of protection to your data.


With S3 plusstorage, you can also back up a copy of your backup data with a time delay in a geographically distant plusserver data center. In this way you ensure that your data is also available at the second location in the event of damage.

Transparent cost accounting

You only pay for what you use. Your flexible storage resources are billed according to actual usage (pay-as-you-go) and monthly in arrears. You can flexibly adapt to your needs at any time. Unbureaucratic and without a minimum contract period.

S3 Storage Pricing

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  • Your safe and low-cost storage
  • DSGVO-compliant in German data centers
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S3 Storage costs

  • Billing according to consumpation
  • No traffic costs
  • 50 TB for 0.022 €/GB
  • Up to 500 TB for 0.019 €/GB
  • More than 500 TB for 0.017 €/GB
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Rely on storage „Made in Germany“

Trust in highest security and availability of your storage in our certified data centers in Germany. As a founding member of Gaia-X and Sovereign Cloud Stack, we offer future-proof open source solutions that focus on your digital sovereignty and innovative strength.


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