Backup as a Service: Keeping your business up and running

We close your "Protection Gap" and prevent you from data loss 

  • Create backups of all your data and from any infrastructure
  • Store valuable data in a legal and GDPR compliant manner
  • Secure your business operations in an emergency with disaster recovery
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The question of backup has already been solved in your company?

89 percent of companies still have a "protection gap", a security gap between acceptable data losses and the backup intervals practiced. This poses a threat to the very existence of the companies concerned. After all, technical or human failure, as well as cybercrime, can cause valuable data to be lost at any time.

This is why the topic of backup is crucial for every company. Conceptually well thought-out (according to best practices such as the 3-2-1 rule) and technologically underpinned. It's the only way to stay in business without significant loss of time and revenue in the event of an emergency.

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Just do your backup right

Three copies, two media, one external backup - secure the reliability of the golden backup rule with us. plusbackup automatically stores the data of your productive environment at two additional locations with different storage technologies. Because we want you to easily achieve the perfect backup, we have integrated the 3-2-1 approach as an elementary component in plusbackup.


Backup as a Service with plusserver - your advantages at a glance

Minimize your risks and secure your revenue now: With our Backup as a Service, you benefit from a complete package of simple and convenient use, GDPR-compliant data storage in certified German data centers, and backup of all your data - regardless of the productive location and your used infrastructure.

Support for many platforms

Use plusbackup for different infrastructures, whether in the cloud or in your company. For Linux, Windows or Mac. 

Certified data centers

Highly secure and certified multiple times: Rely on the outstanding security level of our data centers as well as a TLS encrypted connection during data transmission. 

Veeam Backup

Veeam Cloud Connect is the proven technology for creating backups and replications to a BaaS provider. Securely and with high performance. 

Quick restores

In digital business, every second of downtime can cause high losses. With plusbackup you benefit from a fast recovery. Whether all data or individual files.

Opex instead of Capex

Save the investment in a secondary backup or disaster recovery infrastructure. With our Backup as a Service, you only pay for the storage space and resources you actually use. You also retain full freedom thanks to monthly cancellation.

Data sovereignty in Germany

With plusbackup, you always retain control over your data and remain independent of a specific provider. As a German provider with data center locations in Germany, we enable you to have GDPR-compliant data storage. In addition, we do not fall under the US CLOUD Act. 

Self-service or managed

Operate your plusbackup very easily in self-service - once set up, everything runs fully automatically. Or let us support you to the desired extent - up to full management of your backup solution.


"Storage full" was yesterday. Like all cloud solutions, Backup as a Service offers virtually unlimited scalable resources. Exactly when you need them.

Ready for disaster recovery

Cloud backup is good, but even better is a way to stay business-capable even when the production site remains unavailable. That's why plusbackup can easily be extended to a DR solution.

plusbackup: facts and figures

  • Geo-redundant backup of data
  • Billing according to consumption
  • Suitable for servers and workstations
  • Powerful API
  • Certified German data centers

Learn more about Backup as a Service

plusbackup is based on Veeam Cloud Connect

Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy to store backups of VMs, servers or files in an external cloud repository. All data is protected during transfer by a TLS-encrypted connection to the Cloud Connect gateway at plusserver. If you already use Veeam in your company, you get the option to select the pluscloud v in your interface as an additional storage location.

Taking business continuity a step further: Disaster Recovery as a Service

Take advantage of the option to replicate your complete environment with plusbackup and restore it immediately to our pluscloud v in the event of a permanent failure of your systems. The cloud environment is started for you in the event of a disaster and ensures the fastest possible recovery of your digital services in the event of a disaster. This offer is even interesting for customers with pluscloud v as their primary environment due to our data centers being distributed throughout Germany.

Data loss is not an option: Get your backup right

We will be happy to advise you and look forward to meeting you!

Rely on Backup as a Service in certified data centers in Germany

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