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Digitalisation for the healthcare industry

  • Intelligent clinic solutions on flexible infrastructure
  • GDPR-compliant with German locations
  • SAP operation and the Cloud from a single source

Reducing bureaucracy with IT solutions

Digitalisation is reaching the healthcare sector. Because there, too, the organisational complexity and associated IT costs are rising year on year. Internal resources are reaching their limits, and new investments are constantly being made. Healthcare providers are not looking to build technical infrastructure – they want to care for their patients in a cost-effective way. That’s why they need tools that free them from rampant bureaucracy. One example of this is completely different billing systems for rehabilitation and acute care beds in clinics. Modern, industry-specific solutions govern the entire day-to-day business, from bed occupancy planning and patient management, through to patient discharging and billing.

It’s not only large operators who can digitise their healthcare facility. With professional support and a flexible infrastructure, small and medium-sized operators can also benefit from modern solutions. Regardless of whether you operate your own data centre or choose a secure Cloud solution. This allows healthcare organisations to ensure that staff can fully concentrate on their patients. With the right solutions for case tracking and hospital management, everyday life becomes less hectic and all security and data protection requirements are met.

Advantages for the healthcare sector

  • Flexible scalability and rapid provision
  • GDPR-compliance and professional administration
  • Proactive monitoring and 24/7 support
  • SAP expertise for Cloud or on-site operations

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Cloud and SAP solutions for your clinic

We already administer the SAP landscape of numerous hospitals for rehabilitation and acute care and have many years of experience in seeing companies and organisations transition safely over to the pluscloud. Medical institutions have the choice of whether they want to operate their SAP landscape themselves in their own data centre or whether they want to relocate it to the flexible and cost-effective pluscloud.

SAP Basis remote

We install and configure your SAP environment in your data centre

Ongoing support and maintenance of SAP Basis

The infrastructure remains your responsibility

You are responsible for securing and upgrading your data centre

SAP Basis on pluscloud

We install and configure your SAP environment in the secure pluscloud to suit your requirements

Infrastructure, maintenance and support from a single source

GDPR-compliant data centres in Germany

plusserver takes care of the resources and security required

Patient management for the healthcare sector

SAP for the healthcare industry in practice

The SAP specialist, GITG from Hamburg, offers tailormade software solutions designed especially for rehabilitation and acute care clinics. These are based on SAP. “e-KIS” is the fully electronic patient record for hospitals. The GITG solutions take care of bed scheduling, the entire patient management process, accounting and appropriate billing with the corresponding cost object. The “e-Reha” module manages patients and case processing specifically for rehabilitation clinics. With the help of SAP eFlow, the system constantly monitors changes that require action. This allows tasks and important messages to be automatically and specifically sent to individual departments or employees: “Patient has not taken medication” or “Discharge form must be filled out”. In addition to their own solutions, GITG offers advice on all aspects relating to SAP IS-H and i.s.h.med.



Electronic case files

Connection to the cost objects

Automatically created activities for employees

SAP Basis from plusserver

plusserver is an infrastructure partner of GITG and takes care of the installation, configuration and operation of SAP Basis for the solution. Together, we have already successfully supported numerous clinics and clinic operators with their digitalisation.

Clinic operators benefit from the modern, secure infrastructure of the pluscloud and the highly specialised industry solution from our partner, GITG. Igor Altach, Managing Director of plusserver Basis GmbH

Let us advise you personally

We would be happy to support you with your digital challenges



Legal requirements and highly sensitive information fuel concerns regarding potential data leaks and security risks in the healthcare sector. The security and SAP experts of plusserver look after your patient data and applications. If your SAP Basis is operated in the pluscloud, you benefit from highly secure data centres in Germany that meet all the legal requirements and certifications. This means that your patient data is at least as secure in a Cloud solution as it is on your own systems. The experts at plusserver configure the SAP backbone of your applications so that attackers don’t stand a chance. Instead of burdening your own IT department with the responsibility of securing the systems, security experts take care of everything around the clock to keep attackers out.



By using a Cloud solution, organisations in the healthcare sector do more than just save costs in the long-term. Instead of investing in constantly growing requirements, healthcare organisations can benefit from the scalability and flexible billing offered by the pluscloud. Organisations save on running costs thanks to the economies of scale in the maintenance and administration of the Cloud infrastructure and SAP landscape and do not tie up capital in purchasing their own hardware or operating data centres. The personnel costs involved in operation and upgrade projects are also significantly reduced thanks to the managed service model.


Administration and maintenance

Hospitals and healthcare organisations do not have the internal capacity to design and operate modern, complex IT architectures. With the concurrently increasing requirements, organisations benefit from using infrastructures and applications provided as part of a managed service. In practice, this means leaving the administration of the infrastructure, such as that of SAP Basis, to the experts. This relieves the internal IT department and, at the same time, opens up all the possibilities for healthcare providers to be able to provide new features and resources much faster.

IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things

SAP operation: remote or in the pluscloud

SAP is becoming increasingly important in the healthcare sector. In addition to SAP’s own healthcare modules, leading software solutions in the industry are also based on it. plusserver offers different SAP operating models: as remote infrastructure on your own hardware, in your previous data centre or in a scalable Cloud operation based out of Germany. Highly available, secure and cost-effective. We configure your SAP landscape to suit your requirements and applications and take care of SAP Basis patches and maintenance.

Our products for the healthcare sector