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Increase efficiency and innovation through Kubernetes and automation


Advantages of the plusserver container solutions

plusserver Icon Anbieter Lock In

Avoid a vendor lock-in

Orchestrate your containers in our pluscloud open and retain data sovereignty.

plusserver Icon Zertifiziertes Kubernetes

CNCF-listed services

Rely on compatibility with CNCF standards with our certified Kubernetes engine.

Compliance und Datenschutz​

Data privacy and security

Our cloud services are BSI C5 Type-II audited and you process your data in compliance with GDPR.

Our container solutions at a glance

Managed Kubernetes

Enterprise Kubernetes at scale with PSKE: self-service deployment and orchestration of Kubernetes clusters.

Private Registry

Store and manage your container images or Helm charts and drive cloud automation.

Workload Protection

State-of-the-art security for your container and multi-cloud environment and applications.

Datasheet: Managed Kubernetes

Get the key facts about PSKE at a glance, including pricing and features.

Some of our satisfied customers

Put your trust in our container solutions "Made in Germany"

Rely on the highest security and availability of your containers in our certified data centers in Germany. As a founding member of Gaia-X and Sovereign Cloud Stack as well as a member of CNCF, we offer future-proof open source solutions that focus on your digital sovereignty and innovation.

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Peter Wüst

Peter Wüst

Chief Technology Officer

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Easily store, manage and deploy container images and Helm charts.
With the plusserver Kubernetes Engine (PSKE), you use a unique solution to orchestrate Kubernetes clusters quickly and easily in self-service.
Work quickly and flexibly with your database in the German cloud.
Secure applications and workloads from code to (multi-)cloud.
Highly secure and available. Because your business can’t run without data.