Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS)

How we support your project in the AWS Cloud

  • AWS strategy consulting
  • Project support and optimization
  • 24/7 operational support
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Managed AWS – Our solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises

Although the wealth of infrastructure, platform and software services within the AWS world offers numerous options, a precise knowledge of the individual components is required in order to determine just the right solution for your specific needs. If you can’t find AWS specialists to do it, or your internal IT is already busy with core business, we offer managed AWS to handle this challenge. Our AWS Certified Solution Architects will help you successfully migrate existing applications, provide you with advice based on best practices and optimize your cloud usage in order to maximize your return on investment (ROI). 

Why choose AWS cloud hosting with plusserver?

Thanks to our comprehensive know-how, we can efficiently leverage the extensive and valuable AWS cloud services for you – plusserver can look back on many successfully implemented DevOps projects. With the relevant expertise and best practices, we help you quickly, securely and cost-effectively integrate Amazon Web Services into your company’s IT infrastructure.


Managed AWS Cloud from plusserver – your benefits at a glance

Consulting on equal terms

We give you independent advice on equal terms so that we can develop future-proof solutions for you and help you avoid vendor lock-ins.

Customer-specific architecture

We have more than 20 years of experience in cloud and hosting architecture and are happy to create a customized concept for you. The focus is on availability, fault tolerance and security - without losing sight of the costs.

Certified expertise

We support you with more than 50 AWS-certified specialists, including in the areas of DevOps, SysOps, security, networking, databases and architecture.

Easy migration

When it comes to moving your data and applications to Amazon Web Services, our motto is “Move the data, not the problem.”

Reduce the pressure on your IT department

We relieve you of the burden of operational tasks to let you focus completely on developing your core business.

Secure operation

Through close-meshed monitoring, we can react to changing loads or necessary expansions at an early stage - even before a problem occurs.

Hybrid Cloud

Want to connect your existing IT with AWS resources and services? No problem, with our Hybrid Connector we provide the necessary connection and, if desired, central hybrid cloud management.

Optimization and overview

You receive regular reviews of new features as well as an overview of the costs and performance of your AWS solution.


Our specialists help you plan and implement deployment pipelines tailored to your needs.


AWS consultation

Many medium-sized companies see great potential in Amazon Web Services. But how can they best migrate your data and applications, and what AWS services do you actually need for your application purpose?

We answer these (and many other) questions for you during your tailored consultation.

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AWS project support

Have you already started your first wave of projects in AWS, but need additional support to optimize your solution? Does your company lack the necessary expertise because employees are busy and specialists are scarce? We are happy to support you by answering specific questions or by continuing to optimize your solution.

AWS operation

After migrating your applications to the AWS Cloud, it’s simply a matter of monitoring, keeping up-to-date and optimizing your systems. This ongoing process requires the right know-how and manpower. We are happy to support you with your AWS operations to relieve your IT and enable reliable, high-performance operation.

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Your partner for Managed Containers on AWS

Want to enhance your ability to innovate and rely on modern, cloud-native application development? Then container technology is what you’re looking for. We make it easy for you to get started with container orchestration on AWS. We provide you with an optimized setup and all necessary tools based on our best practices.

AWS Managed Kubernetes
  • K8s EKS Cluster
  • K8s CI/CD pipeline
  • ECS
  • ECS CI/CD pipeline
  • Advantages

K8s EKS Cluster

Managed Kubernetes Cluster based on EKS

Benefit from a quick and convenient introduction to container use and leave the operational responsibility to us. This allows you to concentrate entirely on developing your applications.

The Kubernetes solution EKS ensures a high level of automation and stability for your digital projects. We support you in the areas that AWS EKS does not cover as standard, for example, with the management of worker nodes or monitoring (including the container insides). We also provide you with a web-based dashboard so that you always have an overview.

  • Provision, operation and managed hosting service
  • 24/7 monitoring and support
  • Cluster updates

K8s CI/CD pipeline

Managed Kubernetes CI/CD container pipeline

With a Managed Kubernetes CI/CD container pipeline, you have the option of rolling out containers automatically. All common deployment forms – such as rolling updates (standard), blue/green deployments and canary deployments can be mapped. Among other things, we take care of the following for you:

  • Planning and design of an automated pipeline for continuous development/deployment & integration
  • Pipeline setup, configuration and commissioning
  • Adaptation of the security groups, routes and networks ACLs


Managed ECS

With Managed ECS (Elastic Container Service), we offer you a Docker/Docker Compose-compatible solution based on AWS ECS. We expand the functional scope of the standard ECS to include, for example, the management of the ECS instances, monitoring (including of the container insides) and load balancing. We configure and render the service for you based on best practices to ensure optimal performance throughout.

  • Planning and design of a container orchestration solution (Managed ECS) based on AWS
  • 24/7 monitoring, proactive fault rectification and support
  • Configuration of the dependent repository (ECR) and load balancer

ECS CI/CD pipeline

Managed ECS CI/CD container pipeline

Our Managed ECS CI/CD container pipeline supports you with the automatic rollout of containers in ECS. The solution is based on the AWS CodePipeline. It uses AWS CodeCommit as the source for containers, AWS CodeBuild to “build” a container and upload it to the Elastic Container Registry, and AWS CodeDeploy to update the container in an ECS Cluster. Among other things, we take care of the following for you:

  • Planning and design of an automated pipeline
  • Pipeline setup, configuration and commissioning
  • Adaptation of the security groups, routes and networks ACL


Advantages of AWS Managed Container

  • Easy entry, time and cost savings thanks to “well-architected” principles
  • Standardized pipeline, including integrated rollback mechanism
  • Consulting and operational expertise for AWS and containers
  • Dealing with “known errors,” for example, limiting services
  • Compliance with corporate standards
  • Kubernetes version updates including EKS, worker nodes, etc.
  • Ensuring availability and stability
AWS serverless

Greater freedom through AWS serverless services

Utilize the serverless solutions from AWS together with us to make your processes even more agile and to let you concentrate entirely on creating your code. The infrastructure behind it can drop off your radar. Serverless services such as AWS Lambda provide compute resources on an event-driven basis and execute code automatically.

As a Managed AWS Provider, we support you in setting up the serverless service, including all the AWS components involved, and operating it without interruption.

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