Managed Microsoft Azure

For reliable cloud operation

  • Consulting, implementation and migration
  • 24/7 operation
  • Proactive monitoring and troubleshooting
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More than just corporate IT

Microsoft Azure’s expansive ecosystem – from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to software and platform solutions (SaaS, PaaS) – provides numerous advantages to companies. These can be even better taken advantage of with a Managed Azure solution. We take care of the planning, operation and optimization of your public cloud, leaving you free to focus on your digital applications.

As part of our Azure Cloud Managed Services, our migration and cloud infrastructure experts ensure that your Azure Cloud is safe, fast and reliably accessible at all times. When you use Managed Azure you will not need in-depth cloud expertise in your own company.


Managed Azure from plusserver – your benefits at a glance

Strong partnership

Through the partnership with Orange Networks, plusserver can offer its customers the expertise of one of the most important Microsoft partners in Germany.

Reliable operation

Our 24/7 support is ready with expert help to make using the Azure Cloud as easy as possible for you.

Consulting on equal terms

Avoid vendor lock-in with us – we are happy to head toward the multi-cloud with you.

Tailored architecture

Let us tailor the optimal architecture for you from the multitude of Azure products and solutions.

Migration support

Feel free to ask us about what sort of data and applications you can migrate easily and where you need to make adjustments.

Reduce the pressure on your IT department

Simply use Azure and let us take care of operations while your IT focuses on your core business.

Optimization and overview

Track the performance of your Azure solution through regular reviews together with plusserver.

Flexible extensions

Be it scalability during ongoing operations or the connection of further infrastructures, stay flexible with us.


How we support your project in Azure

Azure consulting

We help you answer the question of how best to migrate your data and applications to Azure and determine which services and solutions are best suited for your needs.

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Azure project support

You can quickly create an initial setup in Azure. However, many of our customers continue to want support in the course of their project. We are happy to help you with specific questions or the further elaboration and optimization of your solution.

Azure operation

Once you have put your Azure solution into operation, it is important to permanently monitor and optimize your resources, as well as troubleshoot them in the event of an error. If you wish, our Azure experts can assist you in this area and take the pressure off your IT team.

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