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Modular solutions and state of the art technologies from the European multi-cloud platform

Simple, direct and seamlessly combinable – even with your existing systems. Best of breed or "all from a single source"? With from plusserver, you don't need to compromise. You can have both.

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Why multi-cloud from plusserver?

As a genuine multi-cloud stack, makes advanced IT technologies immediately usable for your company: resources from our own pluscloud, in German data centers, or from your preferred hyperscaler cloud. You select a best-of-breed setup that is optimized for your individual requirements. Quick, flexible and future-proof.

With the help of the Hybrid Connector, your dedicated or on-premise resources are also easy to connect to With it you transform your existing IT landscape into a flexible hybrid cloud, benefit from the advantages of a digitalized infrastructure and, at the same time, keep an eye on your costs.


Nutzen Sie eine effiziente IoT-Lösung direkt und einfach in der pluscloud und behalten Sie wichtige Prozessdaten stets im Blick.


Multi-cloud with – your benefits at a glance

Central management allows you to manage everything very easily and centrally: your existing IT in connection with your individual cloud platform and components, such as Managed Kubernetes, as well as solutions such as SAP.

Cutting back on complexity

Apart from handling the simple migration and transformation of your workloads, takes over the management of complex infrastructures.

Customized infrastructure

As a multi-cloud provider offering a wide selection of public clouds, private clouds, tools, extensions and services, we help you build a personalized IT structure that fully serves your business goals.

Cutting costs

With, you use cloud resources on demand, can scale at any time, and pay only for the service you use. In addition, the cloud requires no initial investment in hardware, personnel, or expertise.

Tried and tested automation is a complete tool stack in which all necessary tools are already embedded to make your IT processes effective, error-free and efficient through automation.

Multi-cloud expertise

As part of a multi-cloud solution, we provide you with our GDPR-compliant pluscloud in German data centers, as well as managed public cloud services with our partners Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

Modernization helps you connect your existing IT to the cloud and migrate and transform it step by step – at your own pace.


Since both resources and comprehensive services are procured on demand through, companies are always optimally and flexibly positioned.

A good feeling

Our 24/7 support lets you rest easy and handles all your enquiries. We ensure, moreover, that your data is secure and always available in the cloud.

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The Hybrid Connector ensures optimal connections at

Simply bringing IT worlds together

  • Secure connections, e.g. VPN
  • plusserver infrastructure, hyperscaler
  • On-premise, hybrid- and multi-cloud setups

Integrate cloud solutions flexibly and manage them centrally

The hybrid connector creates connections between your IT and the multi-cloud services of This allows you to set up your IT-supported processes more flexibly, scale them as required and react faster to current market requirements.

Hybrid Connector


Hybrid connector from plusserver – your benefits at a glance

Combine IT worlds

No need to migrate your entire IT landscape to the cloud overnight. Thanks to the hybrid connector, you can simply keep on using your legacy systems and strategically expand your IT to the cloud.

Make use of diversity

Whether pluscloud, AWS or Google Cloud Platform. The hybrid connector allows you to get started easily in the world of cloud platforms with maximum flexibility and low initial investments.

Easy to manage

The hybrid connector enables seamless integration of all components involved in the same networks. This allows all your resources to be managed and controlled centrally.

Optimal capacity utilization

Integrating cloud resources into the IT landscape allows you to call up additional resources only when they are actually needed (on demand). Performance can be scaled as desired, preventing an overload of the system.

Multi-cloud strategy

Multi-cloud solutions bundle the advantages of several cloud providers. Careful planning and orchestration of the diverse systems are crucial for success. As a managed cloud service provider, we help you formulate your multi-cloud management strategy.


Hybrid Connector

Connect multiple locations – easily and securely

No matter where your data is, it has to be securely accessible from anywhere. With the Hybrid Connector, we ensure protected access across all locations and in the cloud. To do this, we provide dedicated VPN connections to your locations as well as secure internal connections between the pluscloud locations via the plusserver backbone. On request, we can also implement a secure IPsec connection to AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure using Cloud Connect.

Connecting IT worlds


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Use a flexible and freely scalable public cloud infrastructure in several certified German data centers. Here, your data is secure and GDPR-compliant at all times.
Multi-cloud means relying on more than one public cloud provider. Increased performance and fail-safety can be reasons for a multi-cloud.
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