Managed Kubernetes

Enterprise Kubernetes at Scale

With the plusserver Kubernetes Engine (PSKE), you use a unique solution to orchestrate Kubernetes clusters quickly and easily in self-service. Depending on your requirements, you can operate and centrally manage your workloads in the GDPR-compliant pluscloud open or at a hyperscaler. Thanks to integrated day 2 operations and optional professional services, you can relieve the burden on your DevOps teams and free up space for your digital innovations. You also benefit from high resilience and optimized costs through autoscaling and hibernation.

  • Self-service, multi-cloud K8s orchestration
  • Open source - no vendor lock-in
  • Security by design and data protection according to GDPR
30 days free trial

Managed Kubernetes with PSKE: your advantages


Container orchestration in the multi-cloud

Always the cloud of your choice - without the tedious complexity of juggling multiple providers and platforms. You can easily control which clouds your containers run in via the web interface or API. This ensures data sovereignty and prevents vendor lock-in.


Relieve the burden on your DevOps staff

Respond to the shortage of skilled workers and enable your DevOps teams to focus entirely on application development. With PSKE, you benefit from a noticeable relief from day-2 operations, i.e. typical operational tasks such as patching or monitoring.


The right technology at any time

As a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and certified Kubernetes provider, plusserver develops PSKE closely on the upstream Kubernetes. With us, you remain future-proof, rely on the industry standard and receive extensively tested and current Kubernetes versions regularly via auto-update.


Efficient use of resources

Use cloud resources on a "pay as you go" basis with PSKE. Benefit from cost-efficient autoscaling when loads increase. Or define specific periods of time when the dev/test environment is automatically shut down (hibernation) to reduce costs.


Resilience without extra cost

To ensure that your digital offerings are always available, the PSKE control plane is always operated redundantly for you. In addition, the PSKE has effective self-healing mechanisms to automatically replace faulty nodes.


Security and data privacy

PSKE is based on the principle of "security by design" and is not only fully auditable, but also protects your applications in practice. You can also process sensitive data in a GDPR-compliant manner in our own pluscloud open in Germany.

Managed Kubernetes: Features at a glance

Multi-Cloud ready


The user interface enables unified deployments of Kubernetes clusters to any cloud infrastructure.

  • Cloud-Act-neutral and data-sovereign pluscloud.
  • External cloud providers (e.g. AWS) with billing from a single source (optional).


With the new Hamburg site available, complex multi-region Kubernetes setups can be realized with PSKE. This allows you to protect your applications against the failure of one region using technologies such as Service Mesh, Eventually Consistent, CDN, etc.

Locations & Data centers


Even without in-depth know-how, you can perform many activities by yourself with PSKE, for example:

  • Cluster provisioning
  • Node up/downscaling
  • User management
  • Kubernetes upgrades
  • OS lifecycle
  • Autoscaling
  • Hibernation

Control plane

The control plane of the PSKE is fully managed by plusserver, operated redundantly and is therefore highly available.


Pods and nodes can be scaled automatically when the performance of compute resources is no longer sufficient. This ensures high availability of your applications and helps you optimize your cloud costs. Because you only pay for the additional resources when you really need them.


In addition to autoscaling, a time-controlled shutdown of pods and nodes can be set up. This is useful, for example, if a development environment only needs to be available at certain times. In this way, hibernation helps to reduce costs.

Secure by design

The plusserver Kubernetes engine has been developed with security audits in mind. 

  • Automated patching of the OS of the worker nodes and the minor Kubernetes version​
  • Integrated end-of-life process of the Kubernetes version​
  • Encryption of the Persistent Storage by default​
  • Automated backup of the control plane 

Monitoring + logging

Prometheus monitoring and ELK logging are possible via the control plane.

Open source

PSKE is based on SAP Gardener and is fully open source. You also get CNCF-compliant Kubernetes clusters and a solution that is closely developed on upstream Kubernetes by us as a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and certified Kubernetes provider.


Built-in self-healing mechanisms detect and fix problems on Kubernetes clusters for smooth operation around the clock. This includes an auto-replace of the control plane and worker nodes by default.


Choose to use a single, convenient web interface for container orchestration across multiple clouds, or create and manage Kubernetes clusters via Infrastructure as Code.


PSKE is based on SAP Gardener. This includes the following components:

  • Garden Cluster - contains the central control plane for the Gardener ecosystem
  • Seed Cluster - contains the control plane of the Shoot Cluster
  • Shoot Cluster - contains the Worker Nodes

Managed Kubernetes prices

Free trial

30 days free trial

  • Use all features of the PSKE without restrictions
  • Hibernation & autoscaling
  • Integrated day 2 operations
  • Security by design
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  • PSKE: 0.09 €/cluster hour
  • CPU: from 0.008 €/vCPU per hour
  • RAM: from 0.003 €/GB per hour
  • Storage: from 0.063 €/GB per month
  • Traffic: free of charge (incoming & outgoing)
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The prices listed apply to the use of the plusserver Kubernetes Engine on the basis of the plusserver cloud infrastructure. Additional costs apply for IP addresses and load balancers. Traffic fair use policy: standard behavioral network usage will not be charged. The prices of resources at other cloud providers may differ.

Managed Kubernetes Consulting and Services

Our Managed Kubernetes services not only include the provision and operation of the infrastructure.
We can also accompany you on your journey in the Kubernetes world with additional services on request.



We assist you on your Kubernetes Journey - no matter if you are just starting with Kubernetes or if you want to optimize your environment. Our Experts will be happy to help you leverage the strengths of a Kubernetes cluster architecture and develop a sustainable strategy.



If required, take advantage of our structured PSKE onboarding for your DevOps team. We will explain all the key features and best practices and answer your specific questions, for example about planning and setting up a Kubernetes cluster. Afterwards, your team will be able to work successfully and independently with Kubernetes clusters.



With PSKE, which you use as a service at plusserver, you have no effort with the implementation of a Kubernetes platform. Create the desired Kubernetes clusters directly in our pluscloud open. We take care of the day-2 operations for you.


Service & Support

With our own 24/7 available service and support team, we support you personally and competently if obstacles should arise during operation.

Learn more about Managed Kubernetes

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Put your trust in Kubernetes made in Germany

Trust in highest security and availability of your Kubernetes clusters in our certified data centers in Germany. As a founding member of Gaia-X and Sovereign Cloud Stack as well as a CNCF member, we offer you future-proof open source solutions that focus on your digital sovereignty and innovative power.


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Kubernetes Certified Service Provider


FAQ about plusserver Kubernetes Engine

Find our answers to frequently asked questions. Your question is not answered here? Just contact us!

How does PSKE work?

With the PSKE, you can provide your clusters at the push of a button. It offers you a management system (Gardener) that can be operated via GUI or API. Either way you can boot up your clusters within a few minutes and they are ready to go. For the administration you can choose between API or CLI.

What parts of PSKE are managed for me by plusserver?

The PSKE is based on SAP Gardener and thus comprises the following components: the Garden Cluster (contains the central control plane for the Gardener ecosystem), the Seed Cluster (contains the control plane of the Shoot Cluster) and the Shoot Cluster (contains the Worker Nodes).

plusserver takes over the management of the Garden Cluster, Seed Cluster and Etcd backups for you.

Which Kubernetes versions do you offer?

As a member of the CNCF, we always develop closely on the upstream Kubernetes. We constantly provide you with the latest and the last two Kubernetes versions. Versions that are EOL are marked accordingly and you will be informed when your version is EOL. In addition, you can choose to automatically update the OS of the worker nodes and the Kubernetes patch version at your desired time.

What's so special about your Kubernetes Engine?

No vendor lock-in: Our open source cloud, pluscloud open, ensures not only data protection compliance, but also independence from individual cloud providers. With PSKE on pluscloud open, you can easily deploy manifests to Kubernetes clusters running on other OpenStack platforms as needed, giving you flexibility.

Multi-cloud support: Choose which clouds your containers run in and benefit from best-of-breed.

Pay-as-you-go: You only pay for what you use.

Day 2 operations taken care of: As a developer, you want to spend as little time as possible on day 2 operations. With PSKE, you benefit from a noticeable reduction in day 2 operations such as patching and monitoring.

Multi-region: PSKE allows you to implement complex multi-region Kubernetes setups. Decide which region to deploy your cluster in during cluster creation.

Which day 1 and day 2 operations are taken over by the PSKE?

Day 1 operations: 

  • Deployment of Kubernetes clusters using CNI/CSI/CCM.
Day 2 operations: 
  • Automated patching of worker nodes and updating of Kubernetes patch version
  • Rolling Kubernetes minor version upgrade at the push of a button
  • Integrated lifecycle management of Kubernetes versions and worker OSs